Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Women

Young girls and women often prefer trendy hairstyles that will emphasize their personality. African American women have much thicker hair than other hair types, so for them, it is a challenge every time.

But the choice of hairstyles does not become less, just because the hair is not like the others. The tips of long hair do not always receive enough nutrition and therefore often become dry and brittle.

That is why short hairstyle is the best variant, they are easier to keep clean and healthy.

Short Natural Hair

That’s really cool and simple! Short afro transforms your image into the extraordinary pretty hairstyle and bold female look.
Simple Short Natural Hair

Cool Black Short Naural Hairsyle

The Black Pixie

This version of modern short style undoubtedly stands out from the crowd. This stylish, elegant hairstyle emphasizes the neatness and simplicity of loveliness of the look.
Modern Short Black Pixie

Elegant Black Pixie

Glorious Pixie

The classic haircut that means a short hair on the sides and the availability of oblique bangs. What good this haircut, it’s the fact that it is easy to stack and can be done to smooth hair or dishevel a bit.
Red Glorious Pixie

Black Glorious Pixie with Red Tips

Black and Beige Glorious Pixie

Modern Mohawk

Mohawk hairdo is another fantastic choice for black women to express their individuality. It is not just fashionable and gorgeous but as a rule for wild girls, who liked to notice and stared at.
Fantastic Black Mohawk with Beige Tips

Curved Black Mohawk

Lush Black Modern Mohawk

Fancifully Great Undercut

Creative cuts for short hair, with clean-shaven temple or neck. Truly brave haircut which is not lots of girls will choose, its variation may be different. For example, an ultra short cut you can do just from one side or cut hair on the nape.
Creative Black Fancifully Great Undercut

Fancifully Great Undercut with clean-shaven temple

Natural Short Curly Hair

The hair of Afro-American women is dense, but despite this, even natural curls can look just wonderful. This is a very harmonious and brilliant version of hairstyles for which the care is not very difficult.
Natural Vinous Short Curly Hair

Wonderful Curly Hair

Natural Short Brown Curly Hair with Beige Curls

African Braids Style

The universal way to remove hair gently and beautifully. Such braids are weaved a long time, but the end effect will help to accentuate the individuality and stand out from the crowd.
Cool Haircuts with African Braids

Fashionable African Braids Style

Nubian Knots

Nubian knots are a cute, flirty and traditionally style. These knots work well with all hair types because it’s fantastic and stylish.
Black Short Hair with Nubian Knots

Sleek and Silky Hairdo

An amazing hairstyle which permits to open the face and accentuate facial features. So elegant and lovely image.Amazing hairstyle from Sleek and Silky Hairdo

Black Sleek and Silky Hairdo

Crazy Dreads

Dreadlocks – the best alternative for those who appreciate comfort, so it’s not just stylish, but also very convenient – you get a hairdo that requires only minimal maintenance. High-quality dreadlocks subject only real professional, so it’s good to ask for this service in professional salons, where craftsmen have sufficient experience and can give a guarantee for performed work.
Usual Black Dreads

Short Crazy Dreads

Short Bob & Straight Fringe

A bob with a bang will constantly be an excellent and fashionable cut. The smooth format is a cute style, adorable and youthful look.
Short Bob with Straight Fringe

Bob with Oblique Fringe

At the expense of its thick hair, Afro-American women can carry a diversity of hairstyles. A stylish bob imparts your hair the desired volume and will look harmonious with any shape of the face.
Stylish Black Bob with Oblique Fringe

White Bob with Oblique Fringe and Dark Roots

Asymmetric Bob

This hairdo is a diversification of the conventional bob style. A hairstyle with the extension of blazing colors and geometric cut accentuate the irresistibility and uniqueness of your image.
Black to Beige Asymmetric Bob with geometric Cut

Bright Orange Asymmetric Bob

Long Bob

If you wish to leave hair length, there is no request to do the too short haircut. The long bob is the very favourite style in Hollywood because it’s unbelievably versatile and appropriate in any case.
Classic Black Long Bob

Multicolored Long Hairs

Natural Long Curly Hair

A lot of black women initially have wavy hair, and all kinds of ways try to straighten them. But with genuine wavy hair, you will look naturally beautiful and irresistible.
Natural Brawn Curly Hair

Natural Short Curly Hair

Lush Short Black Curly Hair

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