30 Trendy Short Pixie Cuts

Of the many great short haircuts, every woman can select exactly that which she most like, and its casual styling don’t need to spend a lot of time. Among the best is a pixie haircut, because it is a proven trend for short hair.

Pixie Haircut is diverse and unique in their changes. It can give their owners of a different way, from the extravagant and bold woman, to flirty and playful. The popularity of this short hairstyle is always great, and all because it is convenient and easy to installation, as well as gives a significant rejuvenation.

Short Pixie

A short haircut Pixie is an amazing opportunity to emphasize their femininity and win a lot of time because the most practical hairstyle is difficult to imagine reposed. This haircut allows a woman in any situation to remain elegant and charming.
White Short Pixie with Dark Roots

White Short Haircut Pixie

Disheveled Black Short Pixie

Pixie with a Fringe

If facial features distinguish certain disproportion, such a haircut thanks to a bang can hide a high forehead, and focus on a make-up. Thus, your makeup and appearance should be perfect.
Luxuriant Black Pixie with a fringe

Disheveled Light Black Pixie with Fringe


It looks very modern and suitable even for the glam ladies who don’t aspire to look too bold and pretentious. It combines cutting out classic bob hairstyle with technique pixies, hence the name, and it can be done not only on the short hair.
Light Brown to Dark Pixie-bob

Black Pixie-bob with Blue Strand

Pixie with a Straight Fringe

Very stylish pixie haircut is combined with straight bangs. It’s a bit retro option. Girl with such a haircut looks strictly at the same time, fragile and delicate.
Classic Dark Pixie with a Straight Fringe

Pixie with Oblique Fringe

The most popular option is oblique fringe, which contrasts with the short hair in the occipital area. It can be traditional and natural hair color, such as black, brown or blond ash, and maybe a bright fringe.
Light Grey Pixie with Oblique Fringe and Dark Roots

Blond Pixie with Oblique Fringe and Black Roots

Stylish Black Pixie with Long Oblique Fringe

White Pixie with Oblique Fringe

Pixie with Long Fringe

Long oblique fringe adds originality and certain carelessness, and if it will reach almost to the cheek, then will add a certain charm.
Cool White Pixie with Long Fringe

Attractive Dark Brown Pixie with Long Fringe

Pixie Haircut with Bangs on One Side

Different can be fringe, which plays an important role in this haircut. Pixie haircut for short hair can be laid on one side. The technique is such an easy stacking.
Pretty Dark Brown Pixie Haircut with Bangs on One Side

Lush Black Pixie with Bang on One Side

Cascade Pixie

For those who love to amaze and shock the audience, designers can offer haircuts with strands of different lengths, as well as ragged strands. Hairstyle option, in this case, can be absolutely anything. Ragged hairstyles always look quite original and attractive, will make the hair more volume and lush.
Black Cascade Pixie with Light Tips

Beige and Brown Cascade Pixie

Black and Blue Cascade Pixie

Pixie with up Bangs

Slicked back hair look like a complete hair and looked quite casually. If arrange the fringe up then get a glamorous style and elegant evening styling.
Blonde Pixie with up Bangs

Black Pixie with up Bangs

Curly Pixie

Many believe that the locks cannot be done on such a hair, but it is not. Hairstyle will make its possessor and unrivaled fashion.
Fashion White Curly Pixie

Fashion Pink Curly Pixie

Extreme Pixie

Fans cheerful, perky and playful way will suitable option haircut with bright colors.
Extreme Black Pixie with Curls

Pixie Mohawk

If you wish to give yourself a youth, unusual, creative look, choose a pixie haircut with Mohawk. Here opens a lot of opportunities for creativity and experimentation. Mohawk is not only trendy but also gives the appearance of originality, uniqueness, destroying all the stereotypes.
Pink and Brown Pixie Mohawk with Curls

Dark Grey Pixie Mohawk

Light Brown Pixie Mohawk

Pixie with Shaved Nape and Temples

Among the most fashionable choices pixie considered unusual hairstyle with shaved temples. This course gives a spice feminine appearance. Haircuts suitable for young bold girls who are not afraid of cardinal modifications of its image.
White and Black Pixie with Shaved Nape and Temples

White Pixie with Shaved Nape and Dark Roots

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