Very Short Haircuts Hairstyles and for Women Trending in 2022

What stops you from having your hair cut super short? One of the main reasons why women are afraid of taking risks and going short is that they won’t have as many styling options as with medium hair or long hair.

And that’s partly true since it will be impossible to make a French braid or big chop if the length of your hair is like 2 or 3 inches. But look on the bright side of this – you won’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to make your hair lay the way you want it to.

Very short haircuts are very convenient. Moreover, very short haircuts are the choice of daring and confident women. In order to decide on such an experiment, you need to have a considerable share of courage. Of course, this hairdo requires daily care.

Washing and styling as a minimum. Short and ultra-short haircuts will save those who have burned, dull, and thin hair. Clip the hair to the minimum length; these strands will ennoble the image and emphasize your best features.

You also need to understand and take into account that a very short haircut can turn you into a kind of tomboy. Wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and other boyish clothing, the girl should pay due attention to cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories.

Okay, let’s take a look at a great variety of cool very short hairstyles you can try out. All these stunning hairstyles will emphasize your beauty, hide your flaws, and help you express your bold personality. They suit various face shapes, hair types, and hair colors.

Hot Very Short Haircuts for Women

Speaking of the history of very short hairstyles for women, cute short hair with short bangs or without bangs wasn’t a common thing back in the day. In fact, the 1920s became a tipping point for females in terms of wearing short and very short hair.

And we are endlessly thankful to those bold women who stood up for their right to wear the shorter length hairstyles they wanted not the ones others told them to wear. Thanks to them, we have such a big variety of hairstyles to try.

And the best thing is, the choice is only yours. Ideally, very short haircuts suit girls who are independent and lively, with a certain proportion of boyish features in the character. But at the same time, they do not lose their femininity.

Feathered crop cut

Hot Very Short Haircuts for Women 1

Textured Dream Short Cut

Hot Very Short Haircuts for Women 2

Sexy Super Short Hair with Fringe

Hot Very Short Haircuts for Women 3

Mohawk with Lined Undercut

Hot Very Short Haircuts for Women 4

Extremely Short Hairstyles with Bangs

One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether to cut your hair short or not is your face shape and skull. This is crucial, really.

For instance, ladies with oblong face shapes might find it hard to pick a very short haircut that would suit them. On the other hand, if having chosen right, a shorter haircut can work to your advantage, hiding some features you don’t want others to notice.

For this reason, we’d like you to check out the list of extremely short haircuts with long bangs or very short cut bangs. Bangs can make a face look visually shorter, therefore, they can suit ladies with oblong faces. But it doesn’t mean that girls with a round face or other face types can’t give these styles a try. All you need is to ask your hair stylist for a piece of advice beforehand.

Asymmetrical Tapered Haircut

Extremely Short Hairstyles with Bangs 1

Tousled Undercut Hairstyle

Extremely Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2

Short Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs

Extremely Short Hairstyles with Bangs 3

Longer bangs pixie cut
Extremely Short Hairstyles with Bangs 4

Very Short Hair Ideas for Your New Look

No matter what hair texture you have got, you’ll definitely find a very short haircut that will suit your particular hair type. Do you have straight hair? That’s just perfect.

You can go for any short haircut, and it will look nice on you. Curly hair maybe? Though curly hair can be tricky sometimes and can get in the way of getting the haircut you have wanted, there are quite a few options out there. Very short hairstyles will be suitable for many girls and women.

For some ladies, such a hairstyle will give a slenderer and more harmonious image, whereas for others it will focus on the exterior features and turn the image into a more feminine and romantic by adding more volume.

Super Short And Cool Textured Cut

Very Short Hair Ideas for Your New Look 1

Classic Blonde Pixie

Very Short Hair Ideas for Your New Look 2

Short Layered Crop with Textured Bangs

Very Short Hair Ideas for Your New Look 3

Silver Fauxhawk

Very Short Hair Ideas for Your New Look 4

Beautiful Really Short Haircuts for Girls

From a short cut with tapered sides to a pixie cut with side bangs, from TWA to a boyish cropped haircut – there are literally hundreds of very short haircuts for girls.

And you know what? They all look awesome. Yet, it should be noted that it is extremely important to devote time to regular adjustment of haircuts.

This is the basic rule of retention of the hairstyle in the perfect form in which it was conceived and originally was made. Especially it concerns the cases where a hairdo features shaved patterns and lines.

Curly High Top

Beautiful Really Short Haircuts for Girls 1

Side Parted Very Short Hairstyle

Beautiful Really Short Haircuts for Girls 2

Short Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Beautiful Really Short Haircuts for Girls 3

Very Short Hairstyle For Curly Hair
Beautiful Really Short Haircuts for Girls 4

Top Ultra Short Haircuts for Women

If a very short haircut is supplemented with shaven temples and nape, the owner of such styling will definitely attract a lot of attention. A short haircut is distinguished by creativity, originality, and uniqueness. Only a determined person can afford a haircut like that. “Why?”, you may ask.

Well, it’s still uncommon to see a girl with very short hair like Demi Moore had in a movie “G. I. Jane” or like Miley Cyrus rocked in her video clip “Wrecking ball”.

But “uncommon” doesn’t mean “bad”, right? Take a look at all these gorgeous women with ultra-short haircuts, and try to tell us that they look too manly or solider-like. There’s something so lovely about these extra short haircuts.

Classic Undercut

Top Ultra Short Haircuts for Women 1

Buzz cut for women

Buzz cut for women

Very Short Trendy Pixie for Straight Hair

Top Ultra Short Haircuts for Women 3

Funky Pixie for Women Over 40

Top Ultra Short Haircuts for Women 4

Very Short Hairstyles for Ladies

When it comes to very short hairstyles, there’s one rule that will help you to keep your haircut fresh and neat. We’re talking about frequent visits to your hair stylist.

This will be needed unless you want to grow out your hair. Apart from that, you may like to diversify your hairstyle by coloring some of your locks in bright colors like red or platinum blonde. Short hair is actually the best hair length to try a new color.

We hope that the very short hair styles in the pictures above will give you enough inspiration to try something new and change something about your hair.

Radically colored bangs

Very Short Hairstyles for Ladies 1Silver Slicked Up Pixie Cut
Very Short Hairstyles for Ladies 3

Choppy and platinum

Very Short Hairstyles for Ladies 4

Women’s Hairstyles for Very Short Hair

How to style really short hair? While this question is rather hard to answer, you don’t have to get disappointed right from the start. Of course, you won’t be able to make a ponytail or a top knot if you have a pixie cut, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t style your haircut in different ways.

With the help of special hair products and a bit of imagination, everything is possible. For example, you can make your super short haircut sleek or on the contrary messy. You can also add accessories like ribbons, headpieces, and scarves. Pins can do wonders with your hair as well. So, basically, the choices are not limited.

Naturally curly short cut

Women's Hairstyles for Very Short Hair 1

Feminine Wavy Texture with Length on Top

Women's Hairstyles for Very Short Hair 2

Beautifully brown

Women's Hairstyles for Very Short Hair 3

Cute and Modern Disconnected Pixie

Women's Hairstyles for Very Short Hair 4

Super Short Haircuts for Women to Try

When you hear super short haircuts for women, you probably imagine women’s shaved hairdos. Is that so? Well, to have your head shaved is a very radical and tough decision if we talk about changing the image. And truth to be told, such a style doesn’t suit everyone without an exception.

Only really strong and confident women who are not afraid of the opinions and conversations of other people can dare to make a similar haircut. All in all, you have to give this hairstyle much thought before actually going for it because, trust us, hair grows out slowly.

In the meantime, there are super short haircuts for women that don’t require shaving the head. The length of the hair can be less than 1 inch, but still, the hair will be visible and you won’t be bald.

Super short

Super Short Haircuts for Women to Try 1

Teeny Afro

Super Short Haircuts for Women to Try 2

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Super Short Haircuts for Women to Try 3

Very Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Super Short Haircuts for Women to Try 4


What is the most popular short haircut?

The most popular short hairstyle is the classic pixie haircut. It is a perfect option for women with both thick, thin hair, straight or wavy locks. It can be curly or layered, and it will perfectly highlight your beautiful features. Women of various age groups opt for a spiky pixie or short pixie cut because it is versatile and low-maintenance.

What is the easiest short haircut to maintain?

There are various very short haircuts, but a super short pixie and a short bob are the easiest ‘dos to maintain. They don’t require much styling time, add stunning volume to your fine or thick hair, and keep your look fresh. If these hairstyles seem too boring or you want to stand out, then you can add colorful accents.

Which haircut is best for thin and short hair?

If you have fine locks and extremely short hair, then a boy cut with wispy bangs, a short-length bob with blunt bangs, and a pixie cut with wispy layering are your ultimate choice. These hairstyles will add dynamics to your hair and create the necessary volume.

What can I do with very short hair?

If you have short hair, it doesn’t mean that you can style it in an amusing way. If you have a short pixie cut, you can make your bangs visually softer, add some styling products, or even pops of color. You have limitless opportunities when it comes to self-expression through your hairstyle. Besides, you can always change the look by using a flat iron and various hair accessories.

Bottom Line

Thus, women with round faces who want to embrace their natural texture, women with wavy hair or naturally curly hair who need changes in life, and senior women with fine hair should consider very short length haircuts. They will refresh your look, complement your face shape and hair type, and make you feel a strong and confident woman.