Top 40 Women’s Undercut Hairstyle

Most of us want to stand out, be unique. Each is on its way: someone wearing bright clothes, someone makes a tattoo, and someone makes a hairstyle from which many hair-raising. The most popular version of the extravagant and unusual hairstyles for today – it’s clean shaven temple or shaved head.

Initially, this mode, which appeared on the podium, was not adopted. But after some time, Hollywood stars began appearing with extravagant hairstyles in public, showing short whiskey. The tendency to shorten the hair above the ear rolled all over the world and is now considered a highlight in the initiation of the female image. Therefore, if you want to look fresh and boldly, take a look at one of these options.

Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Haircut such a plan involves radical changes in appearance. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate own sensations and emotions, before you decide to shave off the temples and put the main part of the hair up.
Black Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Light Brown Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Purple Mohawk with Blue Roots

Stylish Curved White Mohawk

Pixie with Shaved One Temple

This hairstyle makes you not only a fashionable and attractive but also sexual. And it is not necessarily always show shaven temple, you can comb the hair on the other side and you’ll create a less bright image.
White Pixie with Shaved One Temple

Black Curved Pixie with Shaved One Temple

Black Pixie with Shaved One Temple And Brown Strand of Hair

Smooth Blonde Hair with Shaved Temples and Nape

Talking about hairstyles with shaved areas, frequently have in mind that these sites may not be completely smooth and have a short little hair, but essentially it does not change hairstyles. Such an option looks quite harmoniously, recalling the usual short cut and perfectly suited for young active individuals.
Smooth Blonde Hair with Shaved Temples and Nape

Pixie with Patterns on the Temple

The most confident creative individuals are often decorated with patterns shaved part. In this case, the fantasy is not limited by anything. True, it requires a lot of attention to keep the picture for a long time.
Dark Brown Pixie with Geometric Patterns on the Temple

Black Pixie with Love Patterns on the Temple

Black Pixie with Stars on the Temple

Pixie with Shaved One Side

Hair shaved off on one side and leave the other elongated. For this hairstyle is ideal for a long fringe that can be done slightly raised or falling on your face.
Dark Brown Pixie with Shaved One Side

Orderly Black Pixie with Shaved One Side

Blonde UndercutBlonde Undercut

Pixie with Shaved Head

Choosing a hairstyle is necessary to remember that these hairdos are not for everybody: desirable to have correct features and the corresponding shape of the head. But the most important thing to consider is compliance hairstyles individual style as a whole.
Black Pixie with Shaved Head

Black Pixie with Shaved Half Head

Bob with Shaved One Temple

It is the best haircut with shaved temple fit girls with oval or round type of face, with straight hair. This sexy haircut with shaved temple, which certainly can be called a new rising trend, because it continues to adorn stellar beauties and has managed to “move” on the heads of women who are looking for original images.
Colored Hair with Shaved One Temple

Bob with Light Brown Tips

Usual Black Bob with Shaved One Temple

Black and Grey Bob with Shaved One Temple

Long Hair Shaved UnderneathLong Hair Shaved Underneath

Bob with Shaved One Side

Women’s short bob haircut with shaved one side – the choice of courageous and inventive girls. Hair color of basic length does not matter – blonde, brunette, brown-haired everyone can try on a new image.
Black Bob with Shaved One Side and Red Streaks

Black Curved Bob with Shaved One Side

Light Grey Bob with Black Roots and Shaved Temple

Bob with Patterns on the Temple

Shaved part can emphasize the diverse pattern of the temple. Bold experiments will be done on the temple leopard print, colored diamonds, abstract pattern or paint it in bright colors if at all entered into the image of a rebel – can fill a tattoo.
Black Bob with Patterns on the Temple

Dark Black Bob with Minimalist Patterns on the Temple

Bright Blue Bob with Geometric Patterns on the Temple

Bob with Shaved Nape

The most suitable for shaving the nape is a classic short haircut “bob”. They are becoming increasingly relevant, and their undoubted advantage – originality. In addition, the shaved nape emphasizes the graceful curve of the neck and visually elongates the figure.
Orange Bob with Shaved Nape

Cool Black and Grey Bob with Shaved Nape

White Bob with Shaved Nape and Black Roots

Grey Curved Bob with Shaved Nape

Asymmetrical UndercutAsymmetrical Undercut

Bottom Hair ShavedBottom Hair Shaved

Colored UndercutColored Undercut

Cool UndercutsCool Undercuts

Cute Undercut DesignsCute Undercut Designs

Feminine UndercutFeminine Undercut

Girl UndercutGirl Undercut

Long Bob With UndercutLong Bob With Undercut

Medium Length UndercutMedium Length Undercut

Shaved Hairstyles For WomenShaved Hairstyles For Women

Shaved Sides Haircut Women’sShaved Sides Haircut Women's

Short Blonde UndercutShort Blonde Undercut

Short Undercut HaircutsShort Undercut Haircuts

Simple Undercut DesignsSimple Undercut Designs

Under Cut Hair CutUnder Cut Hair Cut

Undercut Back Of HeadUndercut Back Of Head

Undercut Black HairUndercut Black Hair

Undercut Girl Long HairUndercut Girl Long Hair

Undercut Hairstyle FemaleUndercut Hairstyle Female

Undercut Hairstyle WomenUndercut Hairstyle Women

Undercut On Natural HairUndercut On Natural Hair

Undercuts With DesignsUndercuts With Designs

Undershave HairstylesUndershave Hairstyles

Shaved Undercut Hairstyles For WomenShaved Undercut Hairstyles For Women

Undercut Curly Hair WomenUndercut Curly Hair Women

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