20 Stunning Short Shag Haircuts to Paint Your Gray Days

Made in this style of haircut involves Shaggy and negligence, which has become a fashionable trend. Haircut «Shaggy» became popular back in the 70s and now celebrities such as Sharon Stone, continue to adhere to this fashionable style.

When choosing a hairstyle or haircut, remember that cardinal rule of fashion, it is not an imitation of the general requirements, this true beauty that will be to face only to you!

Purple Front, Black Back Shag Haircut

Purple Front Black Back Shag Haircut0
Usually, very short hair cannot do without a bang. It can be a little dishevel or pick up. If it is longer fringe, it looks fine oblique or straight thick.

Messy Colorful Bob With Bangs

Messy Colorful Bob with Bangs0
A very good choice of fast and trouble-free installation. For short hair, a mess looks very impressive and stylish.

Lovely Shaggy & Sloppy Bob

Lovely Shaggy Sloppy Bob0
This hairstyle gives the image of a stylish and sexy look; styling does not require much effort because thanks to technology haircut your hair will always look a bit disheveled.

Great Volume and Texture

Great Volume and Texture0
At first glance, it seems a bit untidy and disheveled, but in fact, has a clear structure.

Completely Messy Snowy Hair

Completely Messy Snowy Hair0
All the benefits of Shag will appreciate the owner of fine hair, devoid of volume, as well as those whose locks have light wavy structure.

Maroon Short Casual Cut

Maroon Short Casual Cut0
It is now actual, so be sure to ask your hair stylist to give you such a haircut. And shorter the haircut, the more interesting will look the volume.

Shaggy & Choppy Blonde Hair

Shaggy Choppy Blonde Hair0
It creates a special expression, the impression of deliberate messy. It does not require careful installation. Good for fine hair because it looks volume.

Excellent Bob With a Slanting Bang

Excellent Bob with a Slanting Bang0
This bold hairstyle is especially suitable for an energetic creative girl. It will help you create a great image of an originative, as well as make life easier, without requiring a lot of attention and complex care.

“everything Old Is New Again” Haircut

Everything Old Is New Again Haircut0
Stylish, sassy and sexy effect of disheveled hair in the hairstyle is achieved thanks to a special technique of haircut + styling + stylers.

Beautiful Layered Long Bob

Beautiful Layered Long Bob0
Shag worn and smooth, and delicately disheveled form. The secret of hairstyle is in painstaking and complicated hair cutting. This style creates a feeling of the wind in your hair and even add flavor to business haircuts.

Asymmetrical Creative Image

Asymmetrical Creative Image0
This hairstyle perfectly underlines the dignity of the classical type. Such hairstyle is quite bold and daring, which is perfect for the creative natures.

Cocky Look to Turn a Lot of Heads

Cocky Look to Turn a Lot of Heads0
The shaggy haircut has a few different variations: rock, punk rock, gothic glamor, retro, so it looks quite lively and very interesting.

Splendid Fluffy Red Sly Fox

Splendid Fluffy Red Sly Fox0
The key advantage – it makes hair more volume, even if by nature you do not possess the lion’s mane.

Perfect Short Shag Side Part

Perfect Short Shag Side Part0
If you like to look bright, flashy and extravagant, then you definitely need to try this hairstyle. And if you suddenly have to become a person of modest, nothing prevents you remove hair, collecting them.

Amazing Ladies’ Bob With a Straight Fringe

Amazing Ladies Bob with a Straight Fringe0
Currently, Shag haircut is recognized as one of the most popular. Suitable for girls and women of all ages, so it is important to choose your style.

Gorgeous Short Choppy Style

Gorgeous Short Choppy Style0
This hairstyle provides a variety of options for styling – from casual to classic and restrained when strands of hair are placed in the direction of the face.

Sleek in Front, Wavy Behind

Sleek in Front Wavy Behind0
Hairstyle made in the shag style for people who prefer originality and creativity in everything. Shaggy haircut, made in this style, created by professionals of hairdressing, looks harmonious and attractive, regardless of hair length settings.

Adorable Highlighted Youth Trend

Adorable Highlighted Youth Trend0
Is carried out on the multistep scheme and represents the space for stylists’ imagination, as well as profitable expression of its owner.

Beautiful Purple Accents for Freedom

Beautiful Purple Accents for Freedom0
Negligence styling is very important and if can say, part of the trend of short haircuts. To enhance the “shaggy” effect, you can paint the ragged ends of hair in another color, or to make a complex coloring.

Cool Cascading Bob for Blondes

Cool Cascading Bob for Blondes0
Master chooses the best option according to your type. A machined in the form of torn strands ends will give your hair extra volume.

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