The 31 Most Eye-Catching Brown Hair with Highlights

Bright and Blended! Elegant and Zest! All Shades of Blonde and Brown Highlights for Your Long Hair

You need to change your hair in order to change something inside you. The greatest is always in simple things. For us, the right hair color and your inside harmony are of prime importance! That is why we found and collect here the list of the best blonde and brown highlights for the long hair, with or without the locks, bright and blended shades. Now you turn. Start your changing right now!

The highlights are not emerging trend. This hairdressing action has been taking the leader positions for last 15 years. From the primitive one colored locks, salon masters progressed greatly to the amazing results. But you surely wouldn’t want the old version in 2016! For this reason, we prepare the list of 31 eye-catching highlights variants with the examples of all new tendencies in styling: balayage, ombrè and bronding. The color matter is also settled.

The Blonde Highlights on the Wavy Brown Hair

The blonde highlights on the wavy brown hair

The benefits of the highlights are too obvious and no need to emphasize them. But it wouldn’t go amiss to underline the possible modifications of your long hair with this effect: if you have brown long hair the blonde highlights will change the image but not the main point of your style! Like in this example! The light wavy locks create the effect of the featheriness.

The Shaded Blonde Highlights for The Light Brown Hair

 The shaded blonde highlights for the light brown hair

If you have the soft and warm tones of the brown hair – the dyed variants of highlights are for you. The combination of balayage on the lower part and the sides of the hair and the rarely highlighted locks almost on the top look naturally and in style.

The Cinnamon Wavy Hair with The “Flaming” Reddish-Blonde Highlights

The cinnamon wavy hair with the “flaming” reddish-blonde highlights

The one to million girls has such a wonderful hair color inherently. But you could easily get it in the high-quality hairdresser salon and do not forget about the highlights! Probably, the special magic of this look is gained namely by this effect!

The Naturally Rich Brown Hair with Dark Natural Blonde Highlights on the Thick Hair

The naturally rich brown hair with dark natural blonde highlights on the thick hair

The long thick hair is the sweet dream of many girls and if you are the lucky owner of such hair do not ignore them: make the unparalleled hair look. The length could be changed somewhat, while the highlights are very good on the layered hair.

The Messy Soft Waves of the Blonde Highlights

The messy soft waves of the blonde highlights

The super popular messy waves are kissing kin to the light highlights on the chestnut hair. The each lock is shown up by this perfect color combination. It is not too bright and looks balanced. The thick hair type would be also good with this color variant

The Dark Golden Blonde Highlights for the Dark Brown Hair

The dark golden blonde highlights for the dark brown hair

The fleecy hair, especially when it is well-conditioned, is a real stockpot for the hair ideas. The deep brown hair on the top and the dark golden blonde tips with highlight effect are the bright and stunning combination. This amazing hairstyle will unbeatably underline your skin shade: brown-gold or milky-white.

The Faded Blonde Highlights on the Dark Cold-Toned Hair

The faded blonde highlights on the dark cold-toned hair

Such a color combination would be good for straight and business ladies or for those, who are “in love” with the casual style. The thick and fine blonde locks are spilt all over the hair: on the sides, top and the lower part.

The Accurate Butter-Blonde Highlights on the Natural Color

The accurate butter-blonde highlights on the natural color

The blonde color is not always safe for hair. But fair-haired women are in trend for all seasons. If you want to get that color and do not harm your beautiful hair – choose blonde highlights. The butter blonde color is the perfect variant for the first try: it would not brand the hair too much.

The Shaded Lowlights and Highlights on the Brown-Caramel Hair

The shaded lowlights and highlights on the brown-caramel hair

Only using the intermixture of the light lowlights and highlights it is possible to achieve such a wonderful color-blend: deep brown hair-roots and faded locks! Thus, it is also possible to get the volume effect, like in this example which we totally hold with.

The Filbert-Brown + The Blush-Blonde

The filbert-brown + the blush-blonde

It is impossible not to behold such a hair color! The amazing and unparalleled outcome of the barber faerie will make the spotlight on you. Do not be afraid of changes, these ones will bring the new sensation into your life!

The Stunning Tortoise Shell on the Long Hair

The stunning Tortoise Shell on the long hair

The Ecaille is still in trend and gets more and more admirers. The chocolate hair-roots and the bright gold-caramel highlights are really lovely. And these waves will always emphasize the locks. They are like the Perfect Match.

The Walnut Basic Color with the Soft Dark Beige Blond Highlights

The walnut basic color with the soft dark beige blond highlights

These pastel shades of the hair coloring would be a great solution for those girls who really want to get changes and have the supernatural hair color. Almost “washed out” highlights are perfectly matched in appearance with pasty-skinned girls

The Classic Way of the Dark and Fair Caramel Highlights on the Brown Hair

The classic way of the dark and fair caramel highlights on the brown hair

The classic ways of the highlighting are still in trend! The rich color effect is gained by the whole hair dying and coloring. The fair locks shade the dark chocolate ones and the contrast looks stunning!

The Reddish Blonde + White-Golden Highlights on the Wavy Hair

The reddish blonde + white-golden highlights on the wavy hair

Two colored highlighting from the top have the obvious values: it gives the volume to the whole head! And the interesting color combination strikes everyone’s eyes: bright reddish blonde locks contrast to the light ash blonde highlights.

The Sunkissed Highlights for the Messy Light-Brown (Strawberry) Hair

 The sunkissed highlights for the messy light-brown (strawberry) hair

The choppy fantastic hairstyle is in a perfect harmony with this amazing hair color: the true light-brown hair and the faded highlights. It doesn’t jump out at you as the ginger color but it gives the special touch of the mystery and riddles.

The Chai Latte Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

 The chai latte hair with chunky blonde highlights

The jammy chai latte color with the thin chunky blond highlights visually volumes the hair. But it would be greater if made on the thick hair. Like the mighty river of stunner hair.

The Rich Chocolate Brown Highlights with the Butter-Blonde Lowlights

The rich chocolate brown highlights with the butter-blonde lowlights

Such kinds of coloring would have the better effect on the straight glossy hair. No one could neglect the play of these colors. The butter-blonde locks abstract the hot chocolate highlights and the whole picture delights the eye.

The Shining and Golden Curly Brown Hair

 The shining and golden curly brown hair

Some girls want badly this choppy curly hair but the happy owners of such “gift” really don’t know how to vary their look. One of the possible decisions is to change somewhat the color, but the gradation from the deep dark to the blonde is rather dangerous for the hair conditions. That is why we propose you to try this variant: blonde highlights or the butter-blonde highlights. After these variances, your fashion look would differ. Not only the look! The mood will also gather the better features.

The Extra Accurate Brown-Red + The Platinum White

The extra accurate brown-red + the platinum white

The admirers of the clear and without shades highlighting could find something interesting on this list! The brown-red and the platinum-white locks are made all over the head without the balayage effect. The hair looks quite striped and catchy. The plenty curls could be of the pure color or contain the brown-white combination: that’s interesting

Dimensional Honey Hair and the Blush Blonde Highlights

Dimensional honey hair and the blush blonde highlights

The glamorous and a little bit gitchy waves with such color effects look all-fired chic. The smooth and blended coloring is perfect. At one and the same time the blush blonde highlights show up and complete the color-grade.

The Beeline Honey Blonde Hair- Waterfall

The beeline honey blonde hair- waterfall

The beauty and the showiness of cinnamon as basic hair and the beeline honey blonde highlights are emphasized by the soft waves and the happy hair dress choice. The waves have the cinnamon and the honey highlights locks fall on the back like in the movie. It is impossible to shift glance! Try it by yourself!

The Rare and Dense Blonde Highlights on the Mid-Brown Hair

The rare and dense blonde highlights on the mid-brown hair

Among all the variants of highlighting, one could find the one at option. This one proposes you several glaring locks on the basic rich color. They would also shade “the main body” of the hair and stand out against “the background”.

The Long Dark Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

 The long dark brown hair with thin blonde highlights

In a move, it looks amazing! The highlighted locks are located on the side parts and on the lower parts of the hair. The top has the whole-colored deep brown shade. With this coloring, you don’t need to color your hair every month in order to have the well-groomed appearance.

The Rare Combination: Blush Blonde + Caramel Shade

The rare combination - blush blonde +caramel shade

This picture is the excellent example of the harmonically multicolor combination: the chocolate-brown on the top, the caramel tone in the middle and the bush blonde on the lowest part of the hair length.

The Dimensional Blonde Highlights on the Light Golden Brown

The dimensional blonde highlights on the Light Golden Brown

The photographers say: “Good light can make a photographer”. We say: “Good highlights can make a magic!”. These dimensional blonde highlights are not the drastic solution but rather impressive color shades balance: Light Golden Brown+ Medium Champaign+ Reddish Blonde+ Light Golden Blonde!

The Ash Brown Base with the Almond Crème

The ash brown base with the almond crème

Although, the highlights are the almond crème (warm colors) the ash cool brown prevail over them here. The long hair looks well-conditioned and expensive. For fair-skinned hotties only.

The Sunflower Blonde with the Sparkling Amber Top

 The sunflower blonde with the sparkling amber top

The base color is sparkling amber but the highlights are combined with the ombre that is why it is obviously seen only on the top. The bright locks and low ombre add light to the hair dress.

The Messy Multicolored ombre + Highlights

The messy multicolored ombrè + highlights

The color gradation (from the Light Golden Blonde to the Light Brown shade) is made fantastically professional. The medium length has the hint of the rose blonde shade and the top seems to be Butterscotch. We okay these elegant decisions of color and hair dress.

The Dense Highlights on the Straight Long Hair

The dense highlights on the straight long hair

The rich color of the thick highlights in the middle length looks like just the coloring. But the top and the low parts of the hair show the delicate work of the master: the every single hair is obviously seen and shades from other. If you certainly know the master who could make it – try it by yourself!

The Blonde “Framing” on the Medium Ash Brown

The blonde “framing” on the Medium Ash brown

The light “framing” of the face by the frontal hair part looks very showily on those girls who are good in blond. The light highlights are blonde and butter blonde. If this image fitting to you and you don’t want to damage your hair with color dying – try it! For spring and autumn; it would be actually for all weather!

The Tortoise Shell Balanced Variant in Three Colors

The Tortoise Shell balanced variant in three colors

The drastic colors of this Ecaille hair style are balanced by the Reddish blonde shade. Thus the Summer Berry locks are combined with the Chocolate cherry ones. The Expresso root color gives the richness and the volume. By the way, you don’t need to do the curls! But they add some kind of perfection to this hair dress variant.

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