Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

This timeless hairdo emphasizes the attractiveness of thick locks and if thin strands are clipped as a cascade, they look thicker. The haircut looks feminine on straight and kinky hair, moreover, it can hide imperfections such as rugged features and highlight advantages. Note that those females, who have a prominent nose or a chin, are advised not to choose this cut.

70 Long Layered Bob Hairstyles for Dense and Sparse Hair

A long bob is a universal hairdo, a woman with this cut always looks confident and pretty. Carefully selected examples below will help to opt the flawless variation.

Elongated Bob

Elongated bob

A bob is nice, hair is trimmed gradually and these strands look fantastic. The forelock is long and it emphasizes the head shape.

Vibrant Curls

Vibrant curls

A bob haircut looks sumptuous on crispy hair, locks on the back are shorter than those, which frame the face. Curly locks create an image of a dreamy girl.

Different Layers

Different layers

Here hair creates an appealing cascade, strands of diverse shades are curled and they look very feminine.

Messy Locks

Messy locks

The style suits thin hair since two layers create a needed volume. The upper layer is volumetric and the lower strands come down freely.

Distinct Strands

Distinct strands

This is a dope variation of a conventional long bob, the zest of the cut is plies of diverse length, which create a beautiful waterfall behind.

Messy Swirls

Messy swirls

Soft fleecy ringlets are able to hide the imperfections of the face and to accentuate the charm of the neck. Blonde locks are curled chaotically, but they look harmonious.

Gentle Locks

Gentle locks

Is your hair is sparse and dull, but you still want to look stunning? Then have locks dyed in light shades and cut gradually, they look nice.

Elegant Waves

Elegant waves

Delicate big waves on a long bob look very feminine, they can hide the fullness of the front and create a romantic negligence.

Smooth Bob

Smooth bob

The lob is for owners of sparse and flat locks. Hair covers the neck and it can be easily maintained – you have to comb it well.

Traditional Bob Hairdo

Traditional bob hairdo

Fair thin strands are longer in front, they gently soften the face shape. To look brilliant you have to dissolve the hair.

Chaotic Locks

Chaotic locks

In order to get rid of the weak tips and to make bush of hair look healthy is to have a lob. You can curl it or let remain flat.

Dense & Sleek

Dense & sleek

The texture of African Americans’ locks is kinky, so the range of cuts for them is limited. Opt a long bob, have a hairline on the top which makes the locks look volumetric and align with the hair iron.

Gradual Staining

Gradual staining

Strands in the photo above are clipped in steps, so thin hair looks thicker. Messy swirls are two-colored and they look harmoniously.

Delicate Platinum

Delicate platinum

If the problem of a hair loss is relevant, then the bob hairdo is what you need. Fair strands of diverse length gently frame the face and a long forelock is the detail of the cut.

Native Loveliness

Native loveliness

Children don’t need fancy hairstyles since any hairdo will look astonishing on their hair. The lob is depicted in one of its versions: strands in front are longer than in the back, they are shiny and smooth.

Fleecy & Volumetric

Fleecy & volumetric

Red hair here is clipped, curled and shaped up in a wonderful cascade. Swirls are fixed with hairspray.

Elegant Scrolls

 Elegant scrolls

Fair swirls come down vertically and at the crown, hair is flat and the major length is curled. There are a few strands near the face, which make the image more romantic.

Hollywood Look

Hollywood look

Simplicity is always in great request, so if you have lantern jaws, a layered bob is pertinent! Delicate curls are framing the face and open a high forehead.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

This lob looks very stylish, locks of deep brown tone are absolutely flat and in front, the hair structure is gradual. A woman looks confident with this haircut.

Ragged Edges

Ragged edges

A ragged and some careless hairstyle will add volume even to very thin and sparse hair. Here messy locks add some femininity and softness.

Thick Braid & Cascade

 Thick braid & cascade

Don’t be mediocre and make a standard long bob fresher. Hair has two levels: a short and a gaunt one and a lush plait extends from the crown to the side, the form is dope.

Separate Glossy Strands

Separate glossy strands

Brown flat hair has two layers: the upper one is clipped short and it creates a volume and another one is long, strands are distinct.

Gradual Forelock

 Gradual forelock

A nice cascading fringe makes a round face visually thinner. Dense black hair is edged and has the same length, bangs cover one eye and look mysterious.

Touchable Strands

Touchable strands

Sleek front layers are longer and the rest of strands, they look very smooth. This cut is suitable for self-confident business women.

Edgy Perfection

Edgy perfection

An elegant neck is emphasized by flat front strands, the side-swept hair makes the look playful.

Simple Bob

Simple bob

This hairstyle is plain, but alluring. Short locks on the back are smoothly turning into long ones, they enframe the face.

Silky Bob

Silky bob

A lob looks awesome on obedient and smooth hair. You may tuck hair behind the ears or use texturizing cream and make the outfit naughty.

Chic Long Bob

Chic long bob

Ombre looks organic, the roots are dark and the tips are light, front strands are wavy and look very exquisite.

Nifty Lob

Nifty lob

Even if hair is flat, this style requires excellent straightening. Use the hair iron and fix it with hairspray.

Twisted Strands

Twisted strands

Girls, who have blonde hair, may easily put dark tones and get a wonderful shade on their locks. Here front long waves harmonize with more smooth back strands.

Comely Mess

Comely mess

To achieve such a slapping result on your hair, get it braided and then deconstruct the plaits. This effect of “morning hair” is extremely trendy.

Grace & Glory

Grace & glory

One of the means to frame a long layered bob is to have front strands curled and leave back locks lie freely. This technique brings romance to the look.

Ombre Lob

Ombre lob

Do you wish to make up a playful image without spending hours at the beauty shop? Have hair of dark chocolate and light chocolate hues twisted, add some hairspray and ringlets will lie in their places.

Curls & Blunt Ends

Curls & blunt ends

Are there curly blonde strands, smooth color transitions, and a magnificent look? Yes! With this hairdo, you’ll get a fresh look!

Nice Bob With A Side Forelock

Nice bob with a side forelock

Let this stunning brown tone shine in this hairdo! A side fringe highlights the cheek bone and the cut complements the reputation of an innocent girl.

Gray & Fair Tones

Gray & fair tones

The haircut itself is an organic union of two shades of the same palette, which shines on attractive curls. These delicate swirls add romance.

Glossy Texture

Glossy texture

Destroy the myth that curls look awesome only on blond hair, have your chocolate locks curled and let it lie chaotically. This look is extremely foxy.

Pink and Fair Shades

Pink and fair shades

Seeing a woman with this hairdo, all men will turn their heads! Flat dark roots are combined with volumetric swirls, which are dyed into fair and pink shades.

Spontaneous Hairstyle

Spontaneous hairstyle

These curls look very natural, they create an impression that hair is dense, so it is a good trick for those, who have thin locks. Volumetric ringlets make a woman sexy.

Fair Obsession

Fair obsession

This cascade of swirls looks amazing! Each ringlet is distinct and it is shining, opt this hairdo is you are assertive.

Colorful Bob

 Colorful bob

Express yourself through diverse shades in the lob! Let wavy strands be colored in brown, gray tones with accents of a blue shade, with this cut you’ll be admired.

Impressive Lob

 Impressive lob

Messy swirls make up a volumetric bob. The tone of hair is very unusual, it resembles molten gold and makes the cut very feminine.

Kinky Waves

Kinky waves

Smooth waves give an impression of airiness. This stylish cut doesn’t require many efforts – just swirl your hair and fix with hairspray.

Random Ringlets

Random ringlets

A hairstyle “I woke up like this” is very voguish and a lob is a perfect cut for creating this effect. Comb little curls so that they change into delicate waves and a trendy cut is ready.

Charming Asymmetrical Lob

Charming asymmetrical lob

If you have fair skin, then try this magnificent color. Exquisite waves are the longest in the front and closer to the nape they become shorter. With this cut, the woman will conquer the world.

Distinct Layers

Distinct layers

If the native texture of hair is wavy, emphasize it with the right hairdo. A short fringe is swept to the side and it marks a top layer, then wavy strands come down as a swirl.

Slanting Bangs

Slanting bangs

This smooth lob looks superb, hair is well maintained and a long fringe makes the image more attractive.

Ragged Edges

Ragged edges

These locks look a little bit messy since they are clipped randomly and each separate strand has its own length. Due to this specific trimming, the hairstyle looks volumetric.

Tousled Long Bob

Tousled long bob

This hairdo is worn by a real Diva! Look how curls lie and together create an intricate pattern, these fair shades make a look expensive.

Excellent Glares

Excellent glares

Here is a striking combo: a curled long layered bob with a harmonious combination of shiny brown and fair hues. The haircut is beautiful in its naturalness.

Soft Pink Tint

Soft pink tint

This stair-steps cut is extraordinary due to its shade, a tender shade looks dope on random swirls. This hairdo will help to express yourself.

Side – Swept Bangs Plus Ringlets

Side – swept bangs plus ringlets

Multiple gray layers with highlights gently frame the face. A zest is a side fringe, which looks volumetric due to several levels.

Red Locks

Red locks

Express your passionate nature and opt a red lob. Swirls come down as a cascade, there is a transition from short back strands to front curls.

Long, Wavy Strands

Long, wavy strands

Contrasting hues on separate billowy hair strands look alluring. Try this lob if you are growing your hair.

Voluminous Ombre

Voluminous ombre

Dark roots and fair ends make up a tight contrast. Thin strands are curled so it gives an impression of a rich bush of hair, so this variant is for sparse hair.

Several Shades

Several shades

Smooth transitions from fair tone to blonde shade look very natural, puppet curls can be easily done on a lob. Wear this variation on festive occasions.

Mid Locks Vs Short Ones

Mid locks vs short ones

Thin and dull hair can be transformed into a chic lob. Short gray upper strands cover the lower locks and this erratic structure creates the illusion of volume.

Dazzling Lob

Dazzling lob

Two shades of a burgundy color are combined in this hairstyle. Clear symmetrical front strands emphasize the face shape and open a tender neck.

Disheveled Bob

Disheveled bob

A sloppy style is always relevant. Tangled strands create an interesting effect, with this hairdo you will look sexy.

Molten Silver

Molten silver

This long layered bob looks nice, each separate strand is curled, glaring white highlights on the hair look advantageous. The haircut is easy to do at home.

Fiery Lob

Fiery lob

A lob is a universal cut since you can wear it in a traditional way – flat and in a modern interpretation – with cute swirls. Big waves and a side fringe are harmoniously combined in this outfit.

Cheeky Cut

Cheeky cut

Ringlets of diverse length frame the face and are floating above the shoulders, the forelock is combed to the side. The cut makes up the daring look.

Multicolored Lob

Multicolored lob

This chic hairdo has a marvelous gradual transition of hues: from the crown to the bottom the color spectrum changes. The hairdo is the part of a bohemian guise.

Dark Locks

Dark locks

Wispy ends will look thicker if you get them curled, play with the shade and the cut will be stunning. This hairdo will work well both with an elegant evening dress and casual jeans.

Vivid Edges

Vivid edges

Dark roots and sharp temples here are trimmed, flat gray and turquoise locks are tucked behind the ears. This is an illustration how to make a carefree everyday image stylish.

Sweet Girlish Look

 Sweet girlish look

The best hairdo for healthy, natural hair is a long bob. Little swirls look cute, but they require fixation to lie in their places.

Red & Black Locks

Red & black locks

Textured hair is dyed into a vivid shade, the roots are black and volumetric. Soft wavy layers produce an effect of a dense head of hair.

Indiscriminate Layers

 Indiscriminate layers

Use mousse to create a root volume and comb long bangs to the side, this asymmetry is original and good for a small face.

Bright Ginger

 Bright ginger

Red long bob looks superb, to style it, use the curling iron and spray or oil for gloss.

Colorful Feathers

Colorful feathers

Hair strands are colored – black and bronze hues are combined well. Locks of a diverse length are maintained and they resemble feathers, the form is great and all you have to do is to comb the hair and it’ll go nicely.

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