The Cutest Lob Haircuts To Copy

Looking for a low-risk solution to spice up your image? Lob haircut aka long bob is the perfect wild card for you!

Why so?

Let’s figure it out:

  • First of all, the lob hairstyle works great with any face shape, hair color, and texture. Curly and wavy, dark and blonde, thick and thin, sleek and textured, shaggy, and straight lob hairstyles look equally gorgeous, chic, and on-point.
  • Another cool thing is that you can hardly think of a Hollywood celebrity who hasn’t experimented with lobs. From Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon to Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian – celeb trendsetters keep proving that lob haircut is an eternal trend, which is not gonna go out of fashion.
  • Finally, it’s an easy-maintenance cut that won’t make you spend more than 3-5 minutes in front of the mirror daily. However, if you want your lob haircut shine, you may also need a good curling iron and a shining spray.

Still not sure if a lob haircut is what you’re gonna like a lot?
Looking for a portion of beautiful hairstyle aesthetics?

In this article, you’ll find the answers: how to style a lob haircut, what is the best lob idea for your hair type, and also get inspired with the best long bob pictures from top hairstylists.

What is a lob (haircut)?

Talking about a «lob haircut» stylists mean a hairstyle with hair length longer than a traditional bob – somewhere at the level of the shoulders, between the chin and collarbone – this is a typical medium lob.
Short lob haircuts are a bit shorter – just above the shoulders.

Lob hair styling is very diverse: the hair can be made into a braid, a top knot, a pony, a bun – any updo you want.

A long bob makes thick hair visually less puffy and unruly. For thin hair, textured lobs or lob haircuts with color highlights work best, giving the hair extra volume, as you can see in the photos below:
What is a lob (haircut) 1
What is a lob (haircut) 2
What is a lob (haircut) 3

Different kinds of lobs

How to style a lob haircut so that it would ideally complement your every outfit? The most important thing is to make sure the hairstyle reflects your inner voice and you feel super comfy about it.

We’ve got several stylish and sexy ideas of lobs for any taste:

In the first picture, you can see a feminine and glam A-line lob with blonde highlights. The asymmetry of this cut along with slightly messy texture and the shades game add natural volume and extra movement to a traditional long bob hairstyle.

Blunt lob cut from the second pic is an example of a longer textured lob. It’s perfectly mixed with casual outfits and basic clothes. Girls with thick and unruly hair especially appreciate this option.

Unlike the previous wavy lob hairstyles, the third option is more elegant, simple, and classic. Don’t want it to look too trivial? Adding the bangs in front is the solution – that’s exactly what each celebrity fashionista does to update the hairstyle.

Different kinds of lobs 1Different kinds of lobs 2Different kinds of lobs 3

Shoulder length lob haircut pictures

Shoulder-length lob haircut is more popular than a short lob haircut since it’s less eccentric and much more versatile.
Besides, the lob hairstyle of medium length allows for numerous styling options like elegant upstyles, messy half-ups, tousled top knots, and sleeked back ballerina buns.

Another benefit of shoulder length is that longer locks balance the lack of hair thickness like in the first picture, while naturally thick hair also looks more powerful in a longer lob.
Smooth and straight shoulder-length lob looks just cute and can be worn with romantic dresses, relaxed streetwear, and strict office outfits.
Shoulder length lob haircut pictures 1Shoulder length lob haircut pictures 2Shoulder length lob haircut pictures 3

Stunning textured lob haircuts

Adding some movement and boho vibe to your straight lob hairstyles is always a great idea, especially when it’s a very bad hair day.
A textured lob haircut always looks more authentic and unique than simple straight short lob haircuts.

There are several ways to get the stunning texture: you can just let the hair dry naturally, apply some texturing product all over the length, and comb it with your fingers. Also, you can use a large barrel curler or a curling iron, mist the waves with a texturizing spray, and lightly comb the locks to make them look more natural and disconnected.

Wanna add something extra? Experiment with your parting. Try a side part for a playful romantic look, or a zigzag parting for more volume at the roots.
Stunning textured lob haircuts  1Stunning textured lob haircuts  2Stunning textured lob haircuts  3

Top wavy lob hairstyles

Wavy lob hairstyles have passed the test of time which has been lasting since the 40s. No wonder that different variations of waves are so much loved as an integral part of lob hair styling.

Beach waves from the first photo, for example, will never look too basic or simplify your image – on the contrary, they add sexy notes and retro vibes to your style.

To get a more chic wavy lob haircut from the second pic, don’t forget to finish up with a good shining spray.

As for the fluffy and unruly wavy long bob from the third photo, it is probably the wildest and hottest variation of lob out of these three.

Top wavy lob hairstyles 1Top wavy lob hairstyles 2Top wavy lob hairstyles 3

The blunt lob cut to try

Be careful with a blunt lob cut – you can unintentionally set somebody on fire (this is how hot it is.)
Indeed, a blunt lob haircut is not that simple as it may seem at first.
The main secret to getting a fantastic blunt lob, not a sloppy bed head, is a high-quality smoothing hair product and a good hair straightener.
Another issue of great importance is to choose the right hair color if your natural one looks too dull and boring. Cold white from the first pic is the hottest trend during the last several seasons, but you can also consider snowy-white, silver, or grey. Another cool thing is that you don’t need to dye your dark roots every two weeks – today it’s fashionable too.
If you’re not ready for bright color pops, stay safe and opt for classic black (remember that it makes you look a bit older than you are) or chocolate brown (the most neutral and natural color to choose).
The blunt lob cut to try 1The blunt lob cut to try 2The blunt lob cut to try 3

What about a lob haircut with bangs?

If you want to spice up your lob haircut and are ready for something more than just to switch the parting, adding bangs could be a cool option. With extra texture all over the lob hairstyle, it looks incredible.

Lob haircut with bangs became a new trend last year and it still keeps the top fashion position. Among the upsides of the bangs, we should also mention that it helps to make a large forehead visually smaller, balancing the whole face.

Thin, careless, and long – this is what stylish bangs look like in 2020. But to keep it nice, don’t forget to style it with a round brush and a hairdryer regularly.
What about a lob haircut with bangs 1What about a lob haircut with bangs 2

The best lob hair styling ideas

As we’ve already mentioned before, lob haircut is obviously one of the most versatile cuts. Let’s check out some of the numerous lob hair styling options:
Beach-inspired straight lob – Despite the stereotypes, this one can be a cherry on top of a gorgeous and luxury outfit, not only an element of a casual street-style. If necessary, make your hair seem thicker with some color highlights and lowlights.
Posh wavy white lob – It doesn’t matter how to style a lob haircut if the color of your hair is 1000% perfect. This charming relaxed long bob will make any image look cute and feminine.
Braided lob – Of course, when talking about the best lob haircut styling ideas we can’t but mention various braids. They uncover your creativity, emphasize your individual style, and always look charming.
The best lob hair styling ideas 1The best lob hair styling ideas 2The best lob hair styling ideas 3

Medium lob styles you will love

The medium lob can differ from a shoulder-length lob haircut to longer A-line lob variations. This is an ideal hair solution for girls who wanna change their image and cut their long hair but they have never had short hair.
Lob haircut is a super safe area and can be a comfortable first step to possible bigger changes in the future (going bob or pixie, for example).
Choose any of the three options below and you’ll never fail with your brand new style!
Medium lob styles you will love 1Medium lob styles you will love 2Medium lob styles you will love 3

Cute short lob haircuts

For the lovers of cute, romantic styles, these tousled and layered short lob haircuts will work great. With a side-swept crown and unruly wavy locks like these, a textured lob can add some light feminine vibes.
Paired with sunglasses and a casual undone shirt, or worn with a sexy cocktail dress, a cute short lob haircut will anyway highlight your tender nature.
Even strict black-colored lobs look super sweet after you add some movement and wavy layers.

How to reach this light, textured volume?
Your absolute must is a texturing spray or a dry shampoo. After washing your hair, you can apply some product and blow-dry it. Another way is to use a curling iron after the hair is dry and disconnect the waves with hands and using a bit of texturing gel.
Cute short lob haircuts 1
Cute short lob haircuts 2
Cute short lob haircuts 3

Alluring straight lob hairstyles

Despite wavy lob hairstyles are more popular with ladies, straight lob hairstyles have also made a lot of win-win celebrity images.
With naturally straight lob haircut, there is always a risk of looking too plain, too basic. To avoid it, try playing with the parting.
A side part makes lobs look fresh and it interact harmoniously with the facial features (as we all know, our face is not symmetrical, and this asymmetry makes us so perfectly imperfect.)
A zigzag parting gives a touch of childish mischief and carelessness.
Edgy straight lobs require regular flat ironing – so, don’t forget to use a heat protectant to prevent your locks from high-temperature damage.
Alluring straight lob hairstyles  1Alluring straight lob hairstyles  2Alluring straight lob hairstyles  3