Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Layered haircuts with bangs have already taken the winning place in the hairdresser’s world and can easily share this place with the bob. Unlike the bob, this one is never out of fashion and fit almost any hair type or the shape of the face. Plus there are a lot of different variations of this charming haircut: you can wear it short or long, curly or straight. The only one thing you can be sure about is that layered haircuts with bangs will underline your advantages to the limit.

30 Layered Haircuts with Bangs for Long Hair

Long layered haircut with a bang is quite popular among famous people. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman and other girls from the cover of different magazines chose this haircut for their fresh look. So, if you are bored with your long hair and want some changes, long layered haircut with a bang will solve your problem. Check out for some more fresh and stylish long layered haircuts that we have found for you.

Zooey Deschanel’s lookZooey Deschanel’s look

Zooey has got the look of the cute and nice girl thanks to her charming bang that covers the forehead and big curls. This haircut requires some time and efforts to style it in the morning but Zooey’s hair look is totally worth it.

Extremely Long Layers with Side Bangs Extremely voluminous layered haircut

If you are lucky to have long thick hair, this kind of shaggy layered haircut with a long side-swept bang will add freshness and trendy look into your image. The biggest plus in having this haircut is that you don’t need much time to style it in the morning. Don’t be afraid of changes and give it a try.

Vintage Blonde Layered Hair with Bangvintage blonde layered hairstyle

The first layered hairstyles were invented in 70’s and become quite popular really fast. Long hair with some short bob-like upper part and side-swept fringe could be your number one in the list of the hottest hairstyles. Go for it and you won’t regret it!

Straight Hair Layers with Bangs

straight hair layersStraight hair can be the best and the worst gift of nature depending on your hairstyle. Just simply adding shaggy layers to your long straight hair you will make it look more stylish and trendy. Plus it creates the volume and concentrate the whole attention on your face helps to the face-framing layers.

Brunette Long Layered Hairstyle with Arched Bangbrunette layered hairstyle with arched bang

The owners of thick, wavy and unruly hair might be interested in this charming layered hairstyle with an arched bang because it makes simpler your morning styling. The haircut looks beautifully and trendy either with a dress or with casual clothes.

Shaggy and Tousled Blonde Bangsshaggy and tousled blonde hair

Chaotically-looking this hairstyle is for strong and confident women who are not afraid of experimenting with haircuts. The long side-swept fringe and blonde layers will fit rock’n’roll chic look.

Choppy Hairstyle with Long Fringechoppy hairstyle with long fringe

Try on some tousled and choppy strands all over the head to make your hair look more voluminous and stylish. Moreover, just simply adding long side-swept bang that crosses your forehead helps you to beautify the long face.

Charming Layered Curlscharming layered curls

The girls know that true beauty hides in small details like hairstyles. With the right haircut, you can underline your advantages and hide some things that you don’t want others to notice. Curly layered strands with the fringe long and full could be the perfect solution in this case.

Shoulder-Length Layersshoulder-length layers

Playing with coloring you can make your layered hairstyle look more expressive and lighter. And so to make it even cuter it will be nice to add long bang that goes straight across the forehead.

Free-Falling Stands with Long Fringefree-falling stands with long fringe

Long hair is the most precious adornment for a girl, but, if you have ever had long hair, you know how hard to take care of it. The cute layered haircut will solve the problem and allow you to wear your hair with comfort. Some longer strands that are blending with shorter ones create the lightness and volume.

Soft Layered Haircut with Jagged Bangsoft layered haircut with jagged bang

Layered hairstyle is the one that allows you to wear it differently with numerous variations. In case you are not a fan of long thick bangs but still want it, try on a jagged bang that will open your forehead partly. These kinds of layers look nicely on any type and color of hair.

Wheat Colored Hair Layerswheat colored hair layers

The warmness and beauty of the wheat blonde hair is beloved by many women. The layers are long at both front and back, that’s why the haircut doesn’t have the shaggy and jagged look but soft and sleek.  Slightly spiky-edged fringe is the perfect complementation to your image.

Sleek Brunette Layerssleek brunette layers

These sleek layers look a little bit shaggy. In a combination with long thin bang this haircut has its flattering image. Don’t forget about the advantages which this hairstyle gives to you such as an easy styling and fitting different occasions.

Layered Hairstyle for Long Faceslayered hairstyle for long faces

If you are the owner of a long face with a high forehead, long curled layers with jagged fringe will be the solution. This kind of haircut will add the volume and visually make your face look more round-like.

“To look like Jennifer Aniston” HaircutTo look like Jennifer Aniston” haircut

It’s been a while since we all were mad about “The Rachel hairstyle”, but Jennifer Aniston still has an eye-catching hair look which is beloved by millions of women. Soft curled short and long layers blending with each other look perfectly with long slanting bang that crosses a forehead and covers it partly. Go for this nice Jenny’s look!

Straight Hair Layers with Choppy Bangstraight hair layers with choppy bang

Straight hair is just perfect for layered haircut thanks to its tameness and lightness. Long layered haircut on straight hair looks effortless and eye-catching on any occasion. Thick jagged bang with some shorter layers which are framing the face will make an accent on your face.

Blonde Balayage Layers with Thick Fringeblonde balayage layers with thick fringe

If you are the lucky owner of long straight hair, this two-tiered hairstyle will allow you to leave the length but make it lighter. The thick fringe that covers the eyebrows will complement your image and highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Choppy Blonde Layers with Long Side Bangschoppy blonde layers with side-swept bang

If you are the owner of small round face, the full bang isn’t your choice. Try the arched bang which only partly covers your forehead. This little trick will make your face look visually longer. Choppy layers will add the volume to your hair.

Charming Brunette Balayage Layerscharming brunette balayage layers

Women who want to look more feminine choose long curled layered haircut with full bang. Having some different colored strands will add a flattering feature to your image. The secret of beautiful long layered haircut is to leave the length but add the ideal amount of short and long layers to create volume and depth.

Chin-layered blonde hairchin-layered blonde hair

Curled inside layers which are cut at the chin line have got a vintage look. Make it sleeker at the top and add some extra texturing spray on curls and you are ready to shine on the red carpet.

Choppy balayage haircutchoppy balayage haircut

Layered haircuts are good for mature ladies as well. Slightly tousled hair with a long light bang just simply says that you are a funny, beautiful and happy woman. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with coloring, different color dyed hair looks fantastic especially with a layered haircut.

Punk-rock chicpunk rock chic

If you are an open-minded person who is not afraid of some unusual and daring looks, this one is for you. Short spiky layers that are framing the face and emo-like bang that is dyed in fair color will fit your punk style perfectly.

Flirty Fringeflirty fringe

Long layered haircuts could look really playful and flirty if you simply add the right bang. Thin jagged fringe is number one in this list thanks to its lightness and softness. Longer at the sides and shorter at the front the fringe opens your beautiful eyes as much as you want it.

Wispy Strands with Thin Full Fringewispy strands with thin full fringe

If you have thin hair, don’t get upset about it so quickly, try showing the advantages of your hair. Short wispy strands that are blending with longer ones `will make your hair look more voluminous.

Soft Blonde with High Crownsoft blonde with high crown

For younger ladies, it would be great to lift up the upper layer of the hair and create the crown. Thick side-swept bang will complement the image of the joyful and funny girl.

Free-falling layered curlsfree-falling layered curls

Free-flowing locks could be a real jewel for a girl and will make the look complete. If you want to reach the effect like on the photo, get a layered haircut with thin full fringe and use a thick curling iron to make the locks.

Windblown blonde layerswindblown blonde layers

With some shorter layers on the top and longer wispy locks, you can achieve a beautiful look. Put on some textured spray or gel on your hair and dry it with a hairdryer and you’ll get the effect of windblown hair. The image is quite tousled and choppy.

Shaggy red layers with chopped fringeshaggy red layers with chopped fringe

Soft light bangs look cute and trendy and can be the perfect complement to simply any haircut. Decorate your hair with spiky-edged strands and cut your fringe and you’ll get this nice look which reminds “just got out of the bed” hair.

Short Bob with Long Straight Bangsshort bob with long layered strands

This charming combination of classic bob which is framing the face and some longer layered locks looks risky and daring. Slightly side-swept straight bang covers one eye and creates an asymmetrical look.

Messy layers with extra-long side fringe

messy layers with extra-long side fringeThick hair can be a real headache for its owner. So to avoid the undesired issue of brittleness, which can happen to long hair, make a layered haircut all over the length and you are saved. Extra-long bang that is swept on both sides creates a tender and romantic look.

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