30 Awesome Shaggy Hairstyles Ideas

If you are asking yourself: “What the hairstyle is popular this season?” – you’ve find the answer! The shaggy hairstyle! It looks bright, eye-catching and effortless! Make it and you will not regret!
Today not just celebrities, but every woman wants to look stylish and fashionable. And what can be more fashionable, then shaggy hairstyle?

The time of unnatural hair styling has passed! This hairstyle has enormous amount of advantages! First of all, it never looks the same! The second thing – shag looks airy and laid-back! Check these brilliant ideas of shaggy hairstyles and choose something for yourself!

Classic Long Shaggy Locks

Classic long shaggy locks

This year is the year of naturalness, and that is why lightweight careless curls are so popular nowadays! They are appropriate in all circumstances and will make your image more relaxed and natural!

Shaggy and Highlighted

Shaggy and highlighted

Many celebrities prefer such layering for “everyday parties.” The haircut looks not provocative and very romantic. It does not take a lot of time to cope with it, and everyone can easily do this beautiful styling!

Long Shag Waves

Long shag waves

Here is a sassy haircut with careless chaotic locks. Straight fringe beautifully emphasizes facial features! It looks spectacular on dark hair, cuz the highlighted locks are clearly distinguished! This hairstyle will fit cheerful girls who like to stand out from the crowd!

Shaggy Haircut on the Thin Hair

Shaggy haircut on the thin hair

This haircut is an excellent solution for thin hair! The hairstyle gives thin hair lightness and slight negligence, and the elongated fringe is making the styling softer and prettier! Great choice for fashionable and confident women!

Middle-Length Shaggy Waves

Middle-length shaggy waves

The lightened locks can give the sparse hair additional volume. The long symmetrical fringe is very popular among rectangular and oval face owners because it can hide a high forehead and some other disadvantages!

Two-Colored Locks

Two-colored locks

If you have not very thick hair, check out this hairstyle trend – dark creative curls! The styling looks fantastic on the long hair! The color difference will give your hair the natural beauty and additional volume!

The “Bob” on the Thick Hair

The “Bob” on the thick hair

The bob haircut will always be popular among women! The modern interpretation of casual “Bob” is elongated bob with graduation. The disheveled layering is a perfect idea for the everyday and festive look!

Highlighted and Wavy Locks

Highlighted and wavy locks

For the thin hair owners, such hairstyle trend as natural negligence is a real salvation! A significant advantage of this layering is its simple design and a little of time that you’ll use to make it! This hairstyle creates a smooth romantic look and goes well with bright as well as pastel colors in clothes!

Pink Shaggy Locks with the Design

Pink shaggy locks with the design

Here we have a very cheeky and provocative hairstyle! The haircuts with the shaven temple are very popular among women this year. The design on this temple perfectly complements the whole picture! The hairstyle creates a rebellious look, and it fits brave girls perfect!

“50 Hair Of Grey” Hairstyle

“50 hair of grey” hairstyle

One more trend of this season is a hairstyle with the usage of graduation. The “Cascade” haircut on the long hair is a universal thing, which adds volume to thin hair! The feminine styling will naturally complete your romantic image!

Sea Waves on the Long Black Shaggy Hair

Sea waves on the long black shaggy hair

The women’s long hair always attracts the attention of men! We can easily say that the long hair – it’s real wealth for any woman! And that with such hair you MUST look fantastic! To give more volume to your hair, you can do curls! They are classics and will make your look more feminine and gentle!

Wavy Locks and Long Straight Fringe

Wavy locks and long straight fringe

An easy negligence on medium hair is gaining more and more popularity today! Women all around the world are beginning to get used to this styling. It is very practical, and it harmonically complements any style.

Choppy Textured Shag Hairstyle

Choppy textured shag hairstyle

The modern variation of the “Bob” haircut (graded elongated “Bob”) is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays! This hairstyle is perfect for those who follow the latest trends in hair styling. Also, it is very stylish, practical, and add more movement to your hair!

The “Grunge” Hairstyle on the Dyed Hair

The “Grunge” hairstyle on the dyed hair

In recent years more and more fashionable women prefer “Grunge” hairstyle. The disheveled haircuts have become an everyday style for many girls. It goes perfectly with any style of clothing and suitable for all hair types.

An Extremely Lush Afro Hairstyle

An extremely lush Afro hairstyle

One of the most unusual hairstyles – African. This lush and volume hairstyle dates back to the 70s of the last century. It creates by combing and keeps the presentable look for a very long time!

Cute Waves on the Long Hair

Cute waves on the long hair

This styling is very similar to Hollywood. Its peculiarity is that it is suitable for everyday life as well as for formal events. These careless, but really cute curls fit any girl who wants to look impressive!

Classic “Bob” with the Side-Oriented Fringe

Classic “Bob” with the side-oriented fringe

The “Bob” is undoubtedly beautiful hairstyle, which has already become classical Through the time, the “Bob” changing only its variations, depending on the kind of styling. The shtick of this “Bob” is elongated side-oriented fringe, which helps to look more stylish!

Shaggy Haircut with the Shaved Temple

Shaggy haircut with the shaved temple

The owners of thin hair should be careful about haircuts with shaven temple! An improper layering may decrease the natural volume of the hair! To avoid such troubles, just make a casual styling, which will always remain appropriate!

Simple Shaggy Haircut

Simple shaggy haircut

The naturalness has always been in the trend! It is truly a great advantage for women who do not want to waste time on complicated styling! You can keep this layering for a long time, and, if it is necessary, correct it during the day.

White Blond Shaggy Hairstyle

 White blond shaggy hairstyle

When you style the graded haircut, you can use natural hair texture. If you have the thin hair, give a stylish accent at the tips – make them more textured!

Pink and Shaggy

Pink and shaggy

Emphasize your shag with a bright and unusual color of your hair! If you are tired of ordinariness in your life, make your hair pink, or green or any other color! With such haircut, you’ll be in the spotlight!

Curly and Massive

Curly and massive

Perfectly layered curls – a great hairstyle for the evening party! It looks very festive and gorgeous! This styling will look excellent on the medium length hair and long hair, and also it will add elegance to your style!

Luxury Blond Shag

Luxury blond shag

The beautiful haircut is one of the main elements of the image of modern women. The light air locks fit owners of soft hair perfectly! This layering will always be fashionable and perfect for any event!

Very Curly and Shaggy

Very curly and shaggy

The curly hair is a real luxury for a woman! It brings romantic and ease to the style. And such hair can be used to adjust your facial contours and hide some flaws. This styling will always please others with the summer mood!

Bombastic “Waterfall” Hairstyle

Bombastic “Waterfall” hairstyle

People will always welcome the courage in choosing a hairstyle. The “Waterfall” hairstyle considered to be the most voluminous and beautiful hairstyle! If you are the owner of long thick hair, it won’t be difficult to achieve such an effect!

Shag and Long Locks

Shag and long locks

The long hair is precious if it is shiny and healthy! Daily styling and drying very ruin the hair. Therefore, the hair just needs some rest. But how can we be without layering? The gentle styling is an excellent and stylish solution! The lightweight negligence will help to keep the hair in its natural form, and will not cause the hair damage!

Blonde Shag Hairstyle

Blonde shag hairstyle

If you want to change your hairstyle, try on this beautiful shaggy cut! You can make it whatever you want – straight, curly, messy! And do not forget, that men have always appreciated blonde, isn’t it?

Volumetric Shag Haircut

Volumetric shag haircut

To give your hairstyle an additional volume, take the round comb and lift your hair near its roots. A volume is an excellent option for people with weakened hair! You will solve the problem of weak and thin hair with the help of cute waves or curls! As a result, your locks will look bright and fabulous!

Daily Shaggy Hairstyle

Daily shaggy hairstyle

The disheveled hair is an ideal variant for everyday hairstyle! What could be easier? Sometimes it is not enough time to style your hair, but you and want to look chic! In this case, natural styling will solve all the problems!

Fashionable Shag Cut

Fashionable shag cut

Dynamic, impeccably stylish and trendy hairstyle gives the women resemblance to the delightful, rapid waterfall, emphasizing the woman’s femininity and inner world!

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