56 Taper Fade Haircuts on the Verge of Styles

The taper fade haircut is an easy-to-style variant for men who like relatively short hair, but still want a bit more hair to make some styling at the top. The one “must have” component of this hairstyle is blending on the sides, in up-to-date tapered cuts it can be rather short (like in ordinary buzz fade), but in more classic options it is of a bit longer length. Tapered haircut never goes out of style, it’s easy to maintain and style, it’s masculine and neat. Besides you can totally change your image every day due to various ways of the styling of your crown.

In the gallery below you’ll find 23 latter-day options of a tapered haircut, so if you’re looking for another dose of inspiration, look through these ideas.

Side Part Tapering

The side part hairstyle is meant to be formal and modest, and in combination with tapered sides, it becomes super classic. The hair is upswept with the usage of some pomade and the sides are thoroughly sleeked. The only careless accent of the image is a bit sloppy beard, but anyway, it fits well the whole look.
Side Part Tapering

Traditional Taper Fade

Are you going to a job interview, or hanging out with your colleagues, or meeting with your dream girl? Look your best in any life situation with such neat, smart, and so easy in styling (that’s an important issue for the majority of men) hairstyle.
Traditional Taper Fade

Fohawk with Freestyle Design

Summer is almost here, so the faux hawks are coming back. Taper fade haircuts can include many types of design: from small elements to huge pictures. So, why don’t you unite these two ideas into one catchy summer style?
Fohawk with Freestyle Design

Best Zero Taper Fade Haircut

The hairstyle below demonstrates how close modern cuts are to each other. This one is on the edge between the taper fade cut and undercut. The wavy crown is kind of disconnected as opposed to clean short tapered sides.
Stay Wavy Cut

Taper Fade with Sideburns and Lines on the Side

Something interesting and fresh for guys that are used to turn a lot of heads with striking and eye-catching hairstyles. Messy combover with a drop mid-bald fade and shaved design over the taper could become a part of your next fantastic image.
Messy Combover

Afro Taper Fade Hairstyle

Lucky owners of naturally curly hair should be very proud of it as none with straight or even wavy hair can rock such volume and bright hairstyles like they always do. The taper fade cut is not an exception – just look how cool this wad of curls is!
Afro Taper

Mohawk Taper Fade for Black Men

A perfect sidecut for black curly men. This is the right look if you are going to rock a beard too. It’s neat on the top…rugged at the bottom, is not overly edged up. Make this taper fade haircut your look for a while and you’ll completely fall in love with it.
Tapered Fade for Black Men

Brushed Back Taper

This taper involves bald fade and edgy border which is also blending. The top hair is swept back with a minimal quantity of hair gel so that single strips can freely get out the crown.
Brushed Back Taper

Creative Taper Fade with Designs for Black Male

Disconnected curls atop and shaved skin below. The middle part of this hairstyle is a sort of the point of blending and it’s styled in a rather creative way.
Creative Taper for Black Men

Classic Smooth Taper Fade with Straight Hair

Here we have another option of classic and usual style, which would definitely be appropriate for men of almost any profession, lifestyle, and age; it suits to most men’s face shapes as well. As the sides are classically short, this tapered haircut is also very easy to maintain.
Classic Smooth Taper

Dyed Afro Taper with Design for Kids

Dye into contrast the very top of your black curly crown in order to freshen up the taper fade haircut. A small pattern on the back of your head can become a crucial part of the whole composition.
Dyed Afro Taper with Design

High and Tight Taper Fade Undercut

So much hair… So much height! This high and tight taper fade hairstyle should be called “a dream of ladies”, as none of them can resist it. Ideally sleeked crown, clean tapered sides blending into a very neatly trimmed light beard which adds a little bit of a rugged appearance create a super style which is appropriate both for hanging out and for the office.
High and Tight Undercut

Taper Fade with Long Hair on Top

The main highlight of this hampered haircut is a large volume crown with fantastic waves. They’re not natural but styled in a special way in order to make an unforgettable impressing style.
Long Wavy Tapered Cut

Red Fox Taper Fade Haircut for Men

Naturally red hair has some special atmosphere as it makes any hairstyle totally change and look different. The same thing happens and with a tapered cut. This curly and styled forward hair-do is absolutely unique in this colour.
 Red Fox Taper

Blended Afro Style

This taper fade haircut for black men is characterized by very sharp geometrical shapes and lines in combination with a very soft blend. Beard and moustache are also edgy, they complete the image adding the notes of boldness and cockiness.
Blended Afro Style

Taper Fade with Comb Over

Elegant and fresh side part hairstyle with accurate lines and fantastic fade is full of passion and grace. It’s accomplished with a beard and ‘stache performed in the same fabulous style.
Spick and Span Hairstyle

Retro Afro Taper Fade for Dark Hair

This disco hairstyle was extremely popular years ago and now it’s making a comeback. Here we have a very small tapered zone, but still it is. Those who are brave enough to have such imposing style should try this updated taper fade haircut anyway.
Retro Afro Disco Hairstyle

Tapered Pompadour Hairstyle

It’s never a wrong day to get fresh and pomp your hair up. The sideline is moving in an unusual direction: first, it crosses the front part and after that goes back. This tapered pompadour hairstyle is the thing each guy must rock though once in his life.
Tapered Pompadour Hairstyle

Taper Fade with Braids

The popularity of men braids is totally increasing from day to day; they are gradually making a lodgment in fashion. So, meet a brand new option of tapered hairstyle with an ordinary braid atop. In combination with a natural messy beard, it creates a rough Viking-like style.
Tapered Viking Cut

Perfect Elegant Pomp Taper

The pomp is not sleeked too much so that single strands can get off easily, but still it’s completely elegant and very light. This taper fade pompadour hairstyle is appropriate both for young boys and for older guys with straight hair.
Elegant Pomp Taper

Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys

This is another variation of the pompadour hairstyle within the tapered haircuts. The longer front part is styled back while the rest of the hair is slicked towards the center of the top. The taper fade on the sides and designer messy stubble accomplish the whole image.
Rolling Back Pompadour

Caesar Taper Fade Cut with Modern Twist

As far as you see the Caesar haircut is also possible within the tapered hairstyles. You can play it safe and make a traditional cut with sharp edgy fringe, or start living large and add some twists, such as asymmetrical hairlines, relief surfaces and so on.
 Caesar Tapered Cut with Modern Twist

Burst Taper Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle includes the components of various hairstyles such as Mohawk or Caesar styles, for example. But it also is a tapered haircut in a modern interpretation. This one is meant for curly hair, which is twisted with stylish design on the sides and light coloration atop.
Mohawk and Caesar with Taper

Temple Taper Fade Haircut

temple taper fade haircut

Taper Fade with Dreads

 taper fade with dreads

Taper Fade with Curly Hair

 taper fade with curly hair

Taper Fade with Beard

 taper fade with beard

Taper Fade with Bangs

taper fade with bangs

Taper Fade with A Part

 taper fade with a part

Taper Fade Spiky Hair

taper fade spiky hair

Taper Fade Short Hair

taper fade short hair

Taper Fade Haircut for White Men

taper fade haircut for white men

Taper Fade for Women

 taper fade for women

Taper Fade Flat Top

taper fade flat top

Taper Fade Faux Hawk

 taper fade faux hawk

Taper Fade Eyebrows

 taper fade eyebrows

Taper Fade Blowout

 taper fade blowout

Taper Fade and Beard

taper fade and beard

Skin Taper Fade

skin taper fade

Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

shadow fade high taper haircut

Perm Taper Fade

perm taper fade

Nice Taper Fades

nice taper fades

Nappy Taper Fade

nappy taper fade

Mid Taper Fade Haircut

mid taper fade haircut

Medium Taper Fade

medium taper fade

Low Cut Taper Fade

low cut taper fade

Light Taper Fade

 light taper fade

Fresh Taper Fade

 fresh taper fade

Fade Taper Haircut Styles

fade taper haircut styles

Drake Taper Fade

drake taper fade

Cut Taper Fade

cut taper fade

Cool Taper Fade Haircuts

 cool taper fade haircuts

Clean Taper Fades

clean taper fades

Bald Taper Fade Haircut

bald taper fade haircut

Asian Taper Fade

 asian taper fade

360 Waves Taper Fade

360 waves taper fade

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