Mullet Haircut

Everyone can remember Mullet hairstyles from the 1980’s. But, hey, what is a mullet in a first place? Surprisingly, this forgotten cut is making something like a comeback, but already in its new, experimental and edgy version. Any mullet is basically short hair in front and long at the back of the head. You have probably heard the phrase “business in the front, party in the back”. Have you? Well, this phrase describes the Mullet, of course. Needless to say, there are quite a few types of mullets. Modern Mullet has successfully absorbed some elements from other popular hairstyles, especially from the Mohawk cut.

As for the Mohawk, it is one of the most ancient haircuts. It appeared in America more than a thousand years ago. This exclusively male haircut demonstrated the fighting spirit of some tribes, their bravery and invulnerability. In the 20th century, it has “taken root” on the heads of punks and representatives of some other youth subcultures. But nowadays this rebellious and outlandish hairstyle is terrifically modernized so that men can wear it formally and casually.

Nowadays mullet and mohawk hairstyles have evolved and blended so much that sometimes it can be rather difficult to realize where the Mullet ends and the Mohawk begins. But they are both old school haircuts, they both look cool and if mixed into one hairstyle – well, it’s something you can’t miss.
So, let’s start!

Cool 80s Mullet

Cool 80s Mullet 1

Cool 80s Mullet 2

Cool 80s Mullet 3

It’s not a secret that 1980’s have presented us with some of the weirdest hairstyles ever and we hope that most of them won’t make a comeback, like, never. However, you shouldn’t jump into conclusions thinking that mullets are ones of these terrible haircuts. Of course, there have been some awkward mullets out there, but some of 80’s and 90’s mullets look quite attractive. There were times when a mullet was so popular that a lot of famous people wore it. Let’s take, for example, Sir Paul McCartney or U2 lead singer Bono. You can’t deny that these men looked awesome with a mullet.

Stylish Mullet Hair Cut Ideas For Boys

Stylish Mullet Hair Cut Ideas For Boys 1

Stylish Mullet Hair Cut Ideas For Boys 2

Stylish Mullet Hair Cut Ideas For Boys 3

Despite the fact that the majority of mullets are long or mid-length, the ones you see above demonstrate that the length is not an issue. Moreover, the presented mullet hairstyles are suitable for little boys too. Look at these modern interpretations of the mullet with a short buzz cut on the top and at the sides. They are awesome, aren’t they?

Besides, your kid can rock this mullet with a fantastic freestyle design as the second pictures shows or opt for an absolutely clean bald fade and a small hawk in the back as the one in the third pic.

Hipster Mullet Haircut

Hipster Mullet Haircut 1

Hipster Mullet Haircut 2

Hipster Mullet Haircut 3

What we like about hipsters the most is that they can turn even the most ordinary hairstyle like a mullet into something out of this world. We can’t say that these are the best mullets, but they are definitely worth your attention since you’re interested in this kind of hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if you choose a sharp hairline or a bushy beard, one thing is sure – mullet will make any of your decisions better.

You can also slick back your long hair on the temples so that it resembles a mullet.

Modern Mullet Hairstyle

Modern Mullet Hairstyle 1

Modern Mullet Hairstyle 2

Modern Mullet Hairstyle 3

Anyways, we aren’t going to mislead you saying how awesome the mullet is because this hairstyle doesn’t fit all men equally. For instance, if you have long face shape, the mullet isn’t for you since it only makes any face visually longer. And let’s be honest, this isn’t something people with such face shapes look for. However, let us introduce you a few good modern mullet haircuts which combine some elements of mohawk hairstyle. Actually, this is the point where the mullet turns into the mohawk. The same cut styled in a different way totally changes the whole image, don’t you think so?

Curly Mullet Hairstyles

Curly Mullet Hairstyles 1

Curly Mullet Hairstyles 2

Curly Mullet Hairstyles 3

Though if your hair is wavy or curly, you can make zero fade with undercut on the both sides and it will look perfect without any extra care and efforts.

While playing with mullet hair length, you can either have a safe game or go big.

Keep in mind that the curly mullet requires a bit more time on styling. Plus, such hairstyles are good with a beard as well as without it.

Short Mullet Haircuts

Short Mullet Haircuts 1

Short Mullet Haircuts 2

Short Mullet Haircuts 3
Short hair doesn’t have to prevent you from having a mullet cut. The mullet can be highlighted by the slicked back crown and clean fade-shaved temples. It’s good both for the business lunch and for the party time.

Short mullets are a good option because they are framing the face and separating it from the rest of hair and a beard.

Besides, such mullets look cool and don’t require much effort and time to fix it up.

Male Mullet Fade Sides

Male Mullet Fade Sides 1

Male Mullet Fade Sides 2

Male Mullet Fade Sides 3

A beard makes any male haircut better – that’s what we know. And the Mullet isn’t an exception. But there’s one thing to remember: the longer your mullet is, the more time you’ll need for styling it. That’s when fade sides enter the game and save the situation. Mullet fade haircut is by far the best option since such fashion hairstyles always look neat no matter how messy your hair is.

Long Feathered Mullet Hair

 Long Feathered Mullet Hair 1

 Long Feathered Mullet Hair 2

 Long Feathered Mullet Hair 3

Shaving the sides of your head is not a compulsory option of the mullet hairstyle. Any of these modern versions of the long mullet doesn’t require those extremely short and buzzed sides and that’s the good thing about it.

What do you think of the last picture of mullet hairstyle? Really sharp hawk on the top comes down into a long streamlined mullet with faded sides and neatly shaved lines. Moreover, you can refresh your casual mullet with some design on the faded sides or grow a bushy beard, it’s up to you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look, the mediocrity isn’t interesting. Well, you can wear the same hairstyle your whole life but what’s the point since there are so many variants of mullet hairstyles from classic and formal designs to unusual and daring ones. What we wanna say is that you’ll definitely find your own cut. Just try something fresh and enjoy the results!