Trendy Spiky Hairstyles For Men in 2022

There are lots of vivid variants of men’s hairstyles nowadays! And one of the most popular is the spiky hairstyle! Back in the ’90s when this spiky trend appeared, it instantly became super popular among guys.

Yeah, we all remember the Backstreet Boys’ spiky hairstyles, these guys knew how to impress ladies. More importantly, spiky hair is getting back on track, becoming one of the top men’s hair trends.

The spiky haircut has become classic. Spikes are widely used in all kinds of haircuts and styling. One of such haircuts is the spikes on the top of the head and in the front. But it’s not the only variant, you’ll see.

The good news is that any spikes will look great on whatever hair type you have – thick hair or fine hair. As for the hair color, all men, regardless of their hair color, can opt for short spiky haircuts or long spiky hairstyles.

In the presence of stylish and correct layering, such a hairstyle can hide facial imperfections and highlight the best facial features. Check out some fashionable and attractive spiky hairstyles for men here and pick up something that you like!

Messy Short Spiky Hair for Men

The shorter the hair is, the easier it is for you to create spikes on it. It makes sense, right? You can go for a messier look as if you’ve just got out of the bed or make the hairstyle spiky just a little bit. It’s up to you.

Anyway, you will look awesome. Shaved temples and bald fade emphasize the form of the head, sticking up spikes look ideal both front and sides. Not to mention that if you have wavy thin or fine hair or curly hair, short spiky hairstyles for men are just a perfect solution for you.

We’d like to point out that the location of the spikes on the head can be different. You can have them on the crown, as well as on every part of the head! Such spiked hair looks awesome, but it is not so easy to pull it off! But as you know, beauty knows no pain! Go ahead!

Side and Up Spiky Hair

Messy Short Spiky Hair for Men 1

Short spiky hairstyles are definitely a great option for guys who are looking for a low-maintenance but chic hairstyle.

Spiky Hair + Blonde Highlights

Messy Short Spiky Hair for Men 2

Blonde Spiky Hair
Messy Short Spiky Hair for Men 3

Medium Length Spiky Hair Ideas for Guys

As it is with any other hairstyle, if you want to get spiky hair, medium length hair works best. Trust us. It’s simple as that. The hair isn’t too short and isn’t too long, just a perfect length. How to get spiky hair?

Just take some wax or other styling product, put it on your hand, and run your fingers through your slightly damp hair several times! The result will be great – you are ready to hang out and delight others! A spiky haircut is ideal for those who don’t like to comb their hair when getting up in the morning.

And as we were saying, any spiky hairstyle looks fantastic on thin hair and thick hair. Check out this collection of the best spiky hairstyles for guys with medium length. You can go for a popular option or add a razor line for a striking contrast.

Brushed Up Spiky Hairstyle

Medium Length Spiky Hair Ideas for Guys 1

If you can boast thick and obedient strands, then short spiked hair with tapered sides is the way to go.


Medium Length Spiky Hair Ideas for Guys 2

Low Fade + Medium Length Spikes

Medium Length Spiky Hair Ideas for Guys 3

Male Spiky Hairstyles to Give a Try to

Though spiked up hair looks better on men with a taper fade haircut, on men who have shaved sides or skin fade, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make such spikes all over your head or go for a spiky top.

The result may be a bit messy, but definitely cool-looking. It is another example of the “lazy” spiky haircut! It’s true, the owner of spiky hair looks like he has just got out of the bed and he is ready to go to a party!

This hairstyle requires longer hair on the top of your head! As soon as your hair grows out, use your fingers to put some hair wax on your head and turn the sheet over to a new page!

Feathered Messy Hairdo

Male Spiky Hairstyles to Give a Try to 1

When it comes to self-expression, sleek spiky styles can be left behind. Go for a feathered messy ‘do to stand out and express your personality.

Brushed Up Undercut

Male Spiky Hairstyles to Give a Try to 2

Long Spiky Hair for Guys

Compared to short hair, long hair will be a bit more difficult to style and make spiky. Besides, you will need hair styling products with an extra-strong fix. Nevertheless, when everything is done, the result will be very impressive.

It’s not like you’re going to look like a punk with liberty spikes. The spiky hairstyles for men we’re talking about here differ from the ones punks wear. And frankly, when we say “long hair”, we don’t mean hair that goes below your shoulders. What we mean here is the hair that is just slightly longer than medium length.

So, we have cleared everything up, and we can move on. The long spiky hair looks really massive! The spikes are sticking out on all sides, like the porcupine spines. This is one of the best men’s spiky hairstyles for people who like the urban style and who like to stand out from the crowd!

Another option is to wear s mix of the dreadlocks and a spiky hairstyle! The idea of having such haircut is creative, and you will look modern and fashionable with this style!

Long Spiky Hair

Long Spiky Hair for Guys 1

Embrace your natural hair texture with long and spiky hairstyles for men. They don’t require much styling but do look great and can be worn for any occasion.

Thick and Forward Spiky Style

Long Spiky Hair for Guys 2

Messy Spiky Hair

Long Spiky Hair for Guys 3

Spiky Undercut Styles

Ever since the undercut came into the hairstyling world, both men and women have fallen in love with this hairstyle. That’s the reason why undercuts aren’t going anywhere.

But you can make such a haircut even trendier than it is. How exactly? Add spiky hair, of course. You can go for a spiky hair fade, a short haircut with a high fade, or choose an eye-catching Mohawk or Faux Hawk with frosted tips. In this case, your options are almost limitless.

Short Spiky Hair with Highlights

Spiky Undercut Styles 1

Undercut and highlighted spikes are a timeless combination. Men of any age group can wear this ‘do and look stylish.

Spiky Hair with a Hard Part

Spiky Undercut Styles 2

Undercut + Thick Textured Spiked Top

Spiky Undercut Styles 3

Top Men’s Spiky Haircuts

Guys with spiky hair look devilishly handsome, agree? Guys with blonde hair, guys with black hair, guys with dark hair, damn, all of them look cool with those sharp spikes.

In case you have been looking for a new hairstyle, maybe it is the right time to try spiky hair? One of the brand new male hairstyles is sharp spikes on the crown, long bangs, and shorter hair on the sides.

This hairstyle looks best on straight hair. Using the wax and the hair spray will fix your hair well and add expressiveness to your haircut.

Thin Blonde Hair with Taper

Top Men's Spiky Haircuts 1

Looking for a playful look? Blonde, messy spikes are definitely a win-win option!

Fade-a-Way Spiked Hair

Top Men's Spiky Haircuts 2

Quiff Inspired

Top Men's Spiky Haircuts 3

Cool Spiked Hair: Styles for Men

If you want to make expressive spikes, make the “greasy” spikes! The “greasy” effect is achieved by adding a large amount of hair gel. When we’re saying “a large amount of”, we mean just as much as Ross Geller put on his hair.

Just kidding, of course, but you get the idea. This wet hair effect is really cool, especially when it comes to spiky hairstyles for men. Needless to say why these spikes are fashionable, and they are popular among young boys and adult men!

Gelled Spiky Hair + Tapered Sides

Cool Spiked Hair: Styles for Men 1

Front Swept Bangs

Cool Spiked Hair: Styles for Men 2

Short Spiked Hair + High Taper Fade

Cool Spiked Hair: Styles for Men 3

Awesome Spiky Hair Taper Fade Styles

Taper fade haircuts are ideal for you if you want to wear spiky hair on the top. Basically, any “long top and short sides” haircut is great. Such a style will be both neat and messy at the same time.

And in case you have an important business meeting, you can always comb your hair over and leave spikes till better times. It is quite easy to choose the length and the location of the spikes for your head. Just use your imagination and have some practice! There is no royal road to learning!

Short Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair + Fade

Hard Parted & Spiked

Ideas for Hair Spiked up in the Front

The “hedgehog” hairstyle is convenient because it requires minimal layering, but, of course, it needs regular maintenance. If you are a fan of such hairstyle, you must provide yourself with lots of styling products!

This hairstyle looks great, and it will be enthusiastically accepted by the opposite sex. Besides, you can wear thick and messy spikes on the top of the head. Long thick hair is a universal and practical variant for the spiky hairstyle.

There is an enormous amount of layering you can choose – thick or thin spikes, sharp or not, and so on. Whatever you chose, you will look stylish!

Long Spiky Hairstyle

Ideas for Hair Spiked up in the Front 1

Spiked Mohawk-Inspired Hair

Ideas for Hair Spiked up in the Front 2

Spiky Textured Undercut + Line Up

Ideas for Hair Spiked up in the Front 3


What is a spiky haircut called?

Liberty spikes are a hairstyle that features long, upright, and thick spikes. This ‘do is associated with the punk subculture. A less extreme style is called faux hawk. This cut offers great flexibility when it comes to styling options.

How do men get spiky hair?

To achieve spiky hair, the required hair length must be between 0.5 and 3 inches. Blow dry your hair, take some light hair wax or matte pomade, rub it up from the roots, and let your hair dry.

What is the hottest hairstyle for a guy?

Spikes are definitely something that catches any girl’s attention. Spiky styles can be combined with other cuts for a bold look. Classic style, skin fade with blonde tips, short spikes with high fade, wavy hair with blonde highlights, bald face with a textured crop, etc.

How do I get messy spiky hair?

Use a strong hold wax or matte pomade on 80% dry hair. Rub hair products upwards from the roots and let dry. If you have long hair, then use a blow dryer. Fix the styling with hairspray.

How To Style Spiky Hair

Textured spikes can give you either a neat look or a messy look. Therefore, you should know how to spike hair in any way you want. Here is a short guide.

Prepare your hair

Wash your locks, then towel dry your hair. If you have wavy strands, then use coconut oil to remove any tangles and achieve a lovely texture.

Use styling products

Get some matte pomade, hair gel, or wax and rub it to warm it up.

Style your spikes

Apply the products and spread them evenly on your strands to achieve a neat look. Don’t use much pomade or wax because it can lead to a greasy look.

Bottom Line

Thus, spiky hairstyles for men are versatile and impressive. They are a great fit for almost all hair types (including thinning hair) and face shapes.

You can style short spiky hair in any way you want: undercut, low, mid, high spiky hair fade, taper fade, side part, and, of course, highlights. If you have long locks, you will look bold wearing messy spikes or slicked back hair for a polished look.