Spiky Haircuts for Men


There are lots of vivid variants of men’s hairstyles nowadays! And one of the most popular is the spiky hairstyle! The haircut with spikes has become classic. Spikes are widely used in all kinds of haircuts and styling. One of these haircuts – the spikes on the parietal zone. The spikes will look great on the thick or medium thick hair. For the showiness of this hairstyle fits dark hair most. In the presence of the stylish and correct layering, such a hairstyle can hide facial imperfections, to extend it and give expressive features. Check out some fashionable and attractive spiky hairstyles here and pick up something that you like!

Sticking up Spikes with the Shaved Temples

1 Sticking up spikes with the shaved temples

The next hairstyle is perfect for young fellas! Shaved temples emphasize the form of the head, sticking up spikes look ideal both front and sides. The stubble complements the whole image, and makes you feel yourself creative and good-looking!

Cute Long Spikes on the Head

2 Cute long spikes on the head

The location of the spikes on the head can be different. You can have them on the crown as well as in every part of the head! It looks awesome, but it is not so easy to pull it off! But as you know, beauty knows no pain! Go ahead!

Short Spiky Hairstyle

3 Short spiky hairstyle

This one spiky haircut is ideal for those, who don’t like to comb the hair, getting up in the morning. Just take some wax, put it on your hand and run you hand through your hair once or twice! The result will be great – you are ready to hang out and to delight others!

Side-Oriented Spikes on the Thick Hair

4 Side-oriented spikes on the thick hair

The spiky hairstyle looks fantastic on the thin as well as on the thick hair. How to get such an effect? It’s easy! You just need some wax and five minutes of your time! I dare swear; you’ll be the most stylish guy in your neighborhood!

Crazy Spiky Hairstyle

5 Crazy spiky hairstyle

The next spiky haircut looks really massive! The spikes are sticking out on all sides, like the porcupine spines. Such hairstyle is perfect for people, who like the urban style and who like to stand out from the crowd!!

Spiky Black Dreadlocks

6 Spiky black dreadlocks

Here we have the mix of the dreadlocks and spiky hairstyle! The idea of having such haircut is creative, and you will look modern and fashionable with this haircut! But it worth a lot to pull of your hair like this! Nevertheless, the practice makes perfect! Good luck!

Spiky Hairstyle with the Whiskers

7 Spiky hairstyle with the whiskers

Spiky hair looks great with the whiskers! The hair layered messy, but it doesn’t have any influence on the beauty of this haircut. Such hairstyle fits those, who do not have much time to spend in front of the mirror!

Spiky Haircut on the Short Hair

8 Spiky haircut on the short hair

Nowadays men’s haircut on the short hair is the original standard of masculinity. There is some sports shadow in such hairstyle. This short spikes fit men well, because it does not require special care, and certainly suitable for any style.

Spiky Hairstyle on the Middle Hair with Shaved Temples

9 Spiky hairstyle on the middle hair with shaved temples

Here we see a creative youth male haircut. This haircut (with a neat layering of course!) fits any of your styles – urban or business. It is considered to be universal, and it is suitable for any hair types.

Spikes on the Crown and a Long Bang

10 Spikes on the crown and a long bang

One of the new brand hairstyles – sharp spikes on the crown and the long bang! Such hairstyle looks the most advantageously on the straight hair. Using the wax and the hair spray will fix your hair well and give expressiveness to your haircut.

Justin Bieber Style

11 Justin Bieber style

Here is the original, and at the same time casual hairstyle. All kinds of mousses and styling products can help you to achieve the desired effect. The spikes look perfect on the middle hair. This haircut fits people, who are often in public and do not want to waste time on the neat layering.

Sharp and Neat Spikes

12 Sharp and neat spikes

Today it is very fashionable and modern hairstyle. This haircut often wears young people. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts, as well as for the low-key style.

Spikes, Long Bang and Beard Style

13 Spikes, long bang and beard style

This haircut is considered to be one of the most stylish haircuts today. Because of the length of your hair, you can vary different styles. All you need is your time, hair wax and spray to make the right layering! Investing just a little time in your hair, you can look casual, creative, fashionable and even brutal.

Floppy Spikes on the Long Hair

14 Floppy spikes on the long hair

This hairstyle is particularly original because not all men prefer long haircut. It fits broad-faced men, cuz such a haircut will help to pull your face out. It will look good on the thick hair!

Highlighted Spikes on the Thin Hair

15 Highlighted spikes on the thin hair

The next haircut will look great on the thin hair. Those who want to have some volume at the crown area, this hairstyle will suit perfectly. It looks stylish, add volume to the hair, and such layering doesn’t require any efforts

Undercut and Spikes on the Middle-Thickness Hair

16 Undercut and spikes on the middle-thickness hair

The bright feature of this hairstyle is the easy layering, which adds volume to the hair. The spikes give sauce and brutality to your style. It is really the haircut for the middle hair, cuz it will create a unique image and style.

Stylish Spikes all Over the Head

17 Stylish spikes all over the head

Look! Will Bates also likes spikes! To make such spikes, you need to use Lots of wax and hair spray! But it will look great with any style. On the hair with saturated color, the cut line will be allocated, and this will make you attractive and fashionable!

Round-Shaped Afro – american Spikes

18 Round-shaped Afro – American spikes

The shtick of this male haircut is Afro – American hairstyle. This hairstyle requires some effort, but it’s worth it! Shaven temples perfectly complement and emphasize face, and they make a black-skinned face more manly!

The “Greasy” Spikes!

19 The “greasy” spikes!

If you want to make expressive spikes, make the “greasy” spikes! This hairstyle refers to the sports style. The “greasy” spikes effect achieved by wax, spray, mirror and your fingers! Get them work! Nowadays these spikes are fashionable, and they are popular among young boys and men!

Spectacular Spikes Going upwards

20 Spectacular spikes going upwards

Messy haircuts – the main trends in fashion today. Say “No!” strict contours! Just wax, middle hair, hair spray for a better fix and you are stylish! Shaved temples will perfectly accentuate masculinity and determination in your style.

The Haircut with Sticking up Spikes

21 The haircut with sticking up spikes

This haircut chooses those men who want to look stylish and elegant. The layering is made in the style of negligence, which is the opposite of conservatism. It is one of the most popular styles nowadays! This kind of hairstyle will emphasize the independence and self-confidence

The Long Spikes on the Crown

22 The long spikes on the crown

It is the best choice for men with long hair on the occipital area. You know what you need to make spikes, yeah? It will create the impression of the mess on the head and is suitable for creative individuals. Such hairstyle will emphasize the bright personality of its owner.

The “Hedgehog” Layering on the Classic Haircut

23 The “hedgehog” layering on the classic haircut

The “hedgehog” hairstyle is convenient because it requires minimal layering, but, of course, it needs regular maintenance. If you are the fan of such hairstyle, you must provide yourself with lots of styling products! This hairstyle looks great, and it will be enthusiastically accepted by the opposite sex.

Ragged Strands and Neat Edging Effect

24 Ragged strands and neat edging effect

You can do this hairstyle for all hair types. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the neat and smooth border that looks boldly, and at the same time restrained with the ragged strands. And if you add such cute spikes, you will look much more stylish, and you will be in trend at work as well as at the party with such hairstyle!

The Spikes on the Long Dark Hair

25 The spikes on the long dark hair

This hairstyle will fit men, who have a slender figure, and thick or medium thick hair. It looks great with the black hair! With an appropriate layering, this hairstyle fits for ceremonial events, as well as for everyday life.

The “Hedgehog” Layering with the Long Bang

26 The “hedgehog” layering with the long bang

Another hairstyle fit men with thick hair. Sharp strands will look good on the dark hair because dark color adds expressiveness. This haircut will not lose popularity for several years.

The Haircut with Spikes on The Occipital area and Bang

27 The haircut with spikes on the occipital area and bang

This hairstyle is popular for a long time. It already refers to the classic haircut. The layering is made in an impertinent style. Nevertheless, it also fits romantic natures.

Sticking up Spikes on the Top of the Head

28 Sticking up spikes on the top of the head

With this hairstyle, you can’t take even one step without women’s attention! Leonardo DiCaprio himself wears this haircut! It looks great on the middle hair and fits young and confident people.

Thick Spikes and Shaved Temples

29 Thick spikes and shaved temples

The next hairstyle fits creative people! Here we can see the entirely unusual design of the spikes, which are very contrasted with the shaved temples. You need to work hard with your hair to get such layering, but no sweet without a sweat!

Shambolic Spikes all Over the Head

30 Shambolic spikes all over the head

If you do not like getting up early to make a neat layering, check out this cute spiky hairstyle! All you need is long hair and lots of wax and hair spray. Just spread the wax on your hands and work your fingers a lot! After this, you will get this messy, but cute hairstyle on your head!

Short and Messy Spiky Hairstyle

31 Short and messy spiky hairstyle

Superstars also love to spoil themselves by having spiky hairstyle! Almost everyone knows this guy! Here you see Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous football player! And he also has spikes on his head! What does this mean? It means that spikes are fashionable, attractive, and they are in trend now!

Spikes and Dreadlocks Hairstyle

32 Spikes and dreadlocks hairstyle

Here is quite an interesting decision of mixing dreadlock and spiky hairstyle. The shtick of this haircut is sticking up dreadlocks on every part of the head. Such a haircut will emphasize your face, cuz there is a clean line between the hair and the face.

Long ashen Spikes In the Middle

33 Long ashen spikes in the middle

The next haircut is popular among teenagers. It is not very difficult to make your spikes sticking up this way, but, nonetheless, it looks perfect! With this haircut, you’ll be the superstar in your crew!

Stunning Spiky Hairstyle

34 Stunning spiky hairstyle

There are a lot of sharp and neat spikes, layered on the left side of the head. The shtick of this hairstyle is the whiskers! They look awesome with such haircut, and also the whiskers beautifully complement the style of its owner!

Thick and Messy Spikes

35 Thick and messy spikes

Here we have another example of thick and messy spikes on the top of the head. The long thick hair is a universal and practical variant for the spiky hairstyle. There is an enormous amount of layering you can choose – thick or thin spikes, sharp or not and so on. Whatever you chose, you will look stylish!

The Spikes on the Long Hair

36 The spikes on the long hair

The next hairstyle fits lovers of long hair! You need to be a hardworking person to wear such hairstyle! But if you’ll pull your finger out, you will be the most stylish guy in your area, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Extremely Long Spikes Hairstyle

37 Extremely long spikes hairstyle

Check out this amazingly long spikes! It is not so easy to get such hairstyle, but nothing is impossible! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Spikes all Over the Head

38 Spikes all over the head

Nowadays this hairstyle is popular among young generation. And it is not surprising! You don’t need anything except a couple of minutes of your time, long hair, hairspray, and wax.  Put some wax, work your fingers through your hair and use the hairspray to fix your hair! Enjoy your style!

Spikes with Shaved Temples and Stubble

39 Spikes with shaved temples and stubble

The shaved temples go well with the stubble! And in combination with the spikes, your will be “The first guy” at every party! Just don’t shave your face a couple of days, and run your waxed fingers through your hair!

Long and Highlighted Spikes

40 Long and highlighted spikes

If you like to dye your hair, this spiky haircut is for you! The one thing is that you must choose the right color to highlight your spikes. The most fashionable color combinations nowadays are brown – gold and gray – black. But the advice is – try to choose colors from a color gamut, pay attention to the contrast of colors and take into account your skin tone!

Thick Spikes on the Top of the Head

41 Thick spikes on the top of the head

Here is one of the most popular choices of the spikes on the middle hair. This hairstyle doesn’t force you to work hard on your hair! You need just to have some hair gel, put it on the top of your head, and to work your fingers about two minutes! That is all! Simply but spectacularly!

Spikes In the Middle of the Crown

42 Spikes in the middle of the crown

It is quite easy to choose the length and the location of the spikes for your head. Just use your imagination and have some practice! There is no royal road to learning!

Highlighted Spikes on the Dyed Hair

43 Highlighted spikes on the dyed hair

One more reason, why guys like spikes is the stylish mess on the head! You don’t need neat brushing more! You just need some wax, your fingers and five minutes of your time! Run your fingers through your hair and make it messy and fashionable!

Spiky Comb Over Hairstyle

44 Spiky comb over hairstyle

The spiky haircut on the short hair looks perfect in any situation – at work, at home, or in the streets hanging out with friends! You do not need a lot of time to make an attractive layering, and your friends or workmates won’t wait for you for hours, while you’re combing your hair!

Short Trim Spikes

45 Short trim spikes

The short spikes fit great those, who have short hair! If you are one of these people, such a haircut is absolutely for you! The spikes will emphasize your facial profile and make you look trendy!

Long Spikes with Shaved Stripes

46 Long spikes with shaved stripes

Such haircut is really modern and fashionable. Shaved lines perfectly match with the sticking up spikes! It is an excellent choice for confident guys, who don’t afraid any attention from others and who like to be in the spotlight!

Messy Spikes on the Top of the Head

47 Messy spikes on the top of the head

One more example of the “lazy” spiky hairstyle! The owner of this haircut looks like he has just got up out of the bed, but he is ready to come to the street! Having such hairstyle requires having long hair on the top of your head! As soon as you’ll grow your hair, use your fingers to put some hair wax on your head and turn over a new leaf!

Spiky Haircuts for Men
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