Side Part Haircuts for Men to Blow Your Mind Up

We often have situations when we need to look elegant and presentable. Hair to the side is a great way to make a good impression. Believe me, a good hairstyle with a side part can say a lot about its owner, for example, it can demonstrate some features of character and highlights his social status.

The side-part haircuts are at the top of the modern haircut trends. And most importantly, this haircut is suitable for almost everyone – it doesn’t matter whether your hair is thick or not and how long it is. The hairstyle with a side part is an excellent choice for any occasion, whether you’re a businessman at the formal event, an office worker or a student at the prom party.

So meet the brightest embodiment of the so-called gentleman style. The side part haircut meets all your expectations and desires. Aren’t you sure that this hairstyle is exactly what you need? Well, see for yourself!

Classic side part haircut

Classic side part haircut 1

Classic side part haircut 2

Classic side part haircut 3

Classic side part haircut 4

Classic side part haircut 5

Classic male hairstyles with a side parting will always be a trending and up-to-date haircut option. The side parting is universal: it can be made on both short and long hair. As a rule, it doesn’t require complex styling and everyone can cope with it; even if you have no idea how to style a side part and which side to part hair, you just need to practice once or twice and everything will work out. That makes a side part hairstyle a simple and convenient everyday hairdo.

The classic side part haircut, which hasn’t gone out of fashion for years, is considered to be a combination of short temporal zones with strands of short or medium length evenly set to the side. That’s the lot – so now you know how to get a side part haircut in a classic style. This hairstyle is recommended for hard hair, because long-term styling and fixing may require styling aids. Neat styling and side parting are always in demand in the business sphere.

Side part undercut

Side part undercut 1

Side part undercut 2

Side part undercut 3

Side part undercut 4

Side part undercut 5

Men’s side part trimming is a modern hairstyle that has many versions. One of the most popular and stylish versions is a side part undercut – a creative haircut with shaved temples and long locks at the top divided with the part. The shaved areas in such haircuts are often used for tattoos or shaved inscriptions, patterns, etc., and it looks really bold and cool. If you want to bring something new and trendy into your image, try to combine the side parting and very short temples. The side part undercut is suitable for men with thin hair.

Keep in mind that this rather original hairstyle still has some limitations. In general, the side part undercut is not recommended for middle-aged men and for people holding important positions or working in the business sphere. Moreover, the side part undercut will not work for a lean and / or elongated face, because it visually stretches it even more. Such haircuts are ideal for creative and bright young guys, as well as for owners of rough facial features and protruding cheekbones.

Men’s side part fade haircut

Mens side part fade haircut 1

Mens side part fade haircut 2

Mens side part fade haircut 3

Mens side part fade haircut 4

Mens side part fade haircut 5

Want to add an interesting highlight to your hairstyle? The side part fade haircut fits the bill!

This is really a versatile and stylish hairstyle that will suit men of all ages (yes, even your little son can wear the fade haircut with the side part). You can choose high fade or low fade depending on your personal preference – both of these options will work well with the side parting. The fade requires regular care and shape keeping: in the side part fade haircuts, the lines shouldn’t be “lost”, and the parting border should be “washed out”.

The side part haircut is considered to be a quite serious and rigorous one. But it doesn’t mean at all that you have to correspond to these demands. Be different, change stereotypes – alert the existing ideas of the side parted trims.

Modern side part hairstyles for men

Modern side part hairstyles for men 1

Modern side part hairstyles for men 2

Modern side part hairstyles for men 3

Modern side part hairstyles for men 4

Modern side part hairstyles for men 5

In addition to the classic side part hairstyles, there are a lot of different options of this hairstyle for any taste. According to your personal preferences, you can split your hair into two unequal parts and comb one of them back or leave a long top and style it with a fixing spray – in such case, the side part haircut will be an excellent option for some formal event. If you prefer short hair, an undercut or a taper fade would be a great choice for you (by the way, this option is very popular among athletes and guys who lead an active lifestyle).

Take a look at our collection of men’s modern side part hairstyles, choose which one you like the most, get inspired and change your usual image!

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys 1

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys 2

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys 3

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys 4

Awesome hairstyle with side parting for guys 5

What if you want to change your hairstyle, but don’t know how side part hair properly? There is a very important point here. Your hairstyle should be not only trendy and stylish but it should fit all parameters including facial features, hair length and thickness, etc. The hairstyle with the side parting provides that there will be an additional volume from different sides, which is not suitable for everyone. The shape of the haircut should be selected individually.

For example, it is better for men with diamond-shaped faces to wear elongated strands, and on the sides they may be slightly curled or combed. If you have a narrow chin, you better not shave the back of the neck, as it can emphasize angular facial features. If your face is triangular, you can make styling, visually increasing the volume of the top hair part. On the contrary, long bangs and volume do not fit guys with round faces. Short side part haircuts are good for a square face. For an oblong face, short and shaven temples are not recommended as they visually extend it even more.

Well, in fact, it is not necessary to memorize all these “rules”. Most likely, you intuitively understand what suits you best. Check out awesome photos with side part hairstyles and get more cool ideas for your image!

Short hair side part: styles for men

Short hair side part styles for men 1

Short hair side part styles for men 2

Short hair side part styles for men 3

Short hair side part styles for men 4

Short hair side part styles for men 5

It may seem that it is impossible to get a haircut with the side parting on short hair, this is not so. On the contrary, short side part hairstyles look attractive and very eye-catching. Such a haircut provides a stylish and manly look. What is more, its styling doesn’t take much time: all you need is to take a little fixative gel and set your hair with its help (and sometimes you don’t even need gel) and your hairstyle is ready! Of course, to maintain a neat and well-groomed look of your hairstyle, you need to regularly visit the hairdresser.

Also, pay attention to the mustache and beard – they will make the face more proportional and will be a great addition to your look!

Cool men’s side parted hair ideas

Cool mens side parted hair ideas 1

Cool mens side parted hair ideas 2

Cool mens side parted hair ideas 3

Cool mens side parted hair ideas 4

Cool mens side parted hair ideas 5

The side parting creates a somewhat boho image. The side parted hair provides an emphasis on the symmetry of the face, and, in such case, the face should be without any physical disabilities. At the same time, the hairstyle with the side part makes you look more elegant, stylish and presentable – that is why such hairstyles are often worn by male models and famous actors.

Today, a man can try absolutely any image that complements the fashionable look. With the help of the cool side parted haircut, you can combine different styles – a casual look and a business one, a bold modern image and a retro style. This will help you understand what you prefer more. Check out more ideas of the amazing side part haircuts!

Side part in haircut with long top

Side part in haircut with long top 1

Side part in haircut with long top 2

Side part in haircut with long top 3

Side part in haircut with long top 4

Side part in haircut with long top 5

Are you looking for the hairstyle that is counted on the dandies? Our congratulations – you’ve found it. Meet the amazing side parted hairstyle with the long top. The haircut looks very eye-catching and the only problem is that it takes much time to make such a pompadour, but trust me, it’s worth it.

With the help of such an awesome hairstyle, you can create a unique style. For example, try to add lightness and slight carelessness to a hairstyle with the help of hair feathering and graduation. To get a more daring image, you can keep long hair on one side and completely shave it off on the other – it looks very creative! Let your imagination go wild.

The side part haircut with the pong top looks great on both young and mature men. But do not forget that it is quite a “capricious” hairstyle that needs systematic corrections, frequent washing and daily styling.

Messy side part haircuts

Messy side part haircuts 1

Messy side part haircuts 2

Messy side part haircuts 3

Messy side part haircuts 4

Messy side part haircuts 5

Who said that the side part hairstyle must be strict and neat? If you like to stand out from the crowd, a messy side part haircut will be a great choice for you! So, if you’re lucky to be the owner of the luxurious hair, don’t miss your chance.

In case of asymmetry of the eyes, nose or lips, the side parting visually “balances” the face, making it more symmetrical – agree, this is a good bonus. Moreover, thanks to the side parting, the face looks open and expressive.

If you still doubt whether you need this hairstyle, then just look at these photos of the amazing messy side part haircuts and see for yourself!