Blowout Haircuts for Men

The blowout haircut looks like you’ve just walked through a hurricane. Blowout, “taper fade,” “Brooklyn fade” or “temple fade” first appeared in the 1990s and was updated by Pauly-D from MTV show in the 2000s. 26 years of experiments with this hairstyle gave us a lot of stunning modern blowout haircuts. Today everyone can select his or her own perfect blowout depending on the face shape, hair type and length, and other significant features. We have gathered the coolest blowout hairstyles for men, so if you are looking for a new amazing hairstyle, take a look at our gallery and choose!

What is a Blowout Hairstyle

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What is a Blowout Hairstyle 2

What is a Blowout Hairstyle 3

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There are men who choose simple, easy haircuts, like buzz cuts to save time that could be spent on styling. Well, there is no denying the fact that most of them still look manly and stylish. Some guys prefer not to choose the easiest options and look for a hairstyle that will help them express their individuality. Undoubtedly, blowout styles are some of them. It may seem that such hairstyles are very similar, but, well, they are not. Texture, shape, and lengths of hair determine how your blowout will really look. Of course, such hairstyles are always shorter on sides and longer on top, but one can hardly find two blowouts that will look the same. They suit almost all face shapes, particularly, the round one, so you will not go wrong with this cut.

The Best Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men

The Best Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 1

The Best Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 2

The Best Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 3

The Best Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 4

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One of the most important advantages of blowout hairstyles is that they fit all men regardless of their age, skin color, body build and any other factors. The number of possible versions is endless – everything depends on how you see your perfect haircut and, of course, on how skillful your barber is. Another significant nuance is styling. There are plenty of ways to style blowout. You can make it messy or slicked, high or flat. Styling does not usually take a lot of time: in most cases, all you need to do is to use high-quality hair spray, gel or pomade to achieve the shape you consider to be the best one. If you are ready to spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror, blowout haircut can be a perfect option for you. Another cool thing about it is that it is popular as among shy guys as among men who love attention. After all, everything depends on how you want your hairstyle to look. There are no rules, so there are no limits to your imagination!

Trendy Blowout Fade Hairstyles

Trendy Blowout Fade Hairstyles 1

Trendy Blowout Fade Hairstyles 2

Trendy Blowout Fade Hairstyles 3

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Fade is rightfully considered to be one of the most stylish male trends. There are different types of haircuts for men, and each of them looks better with faded sides, and blowout is not an exception. High, low, medium, skin fade – nothing is forbidden. Such hairstyles can look completely different. There are so-called manly cuts that are very similar to buzz cuts – short hair can also look like the strong wind allowed achieving a good shape. Longer hair provides men with more opportunities for styling, and the number of possible versions is countless. Check out these pictures – maybe one of them will inspire you to create your own, unique blowout hairstyle! Do not hesitate to experiment with colors, highlights, shades, layers, and textures – that is exactly how the new awesome trends in hair art emerge!

Blowout Haircut for Guys with Curly Hair

Blowout Haircut for Guys with Curly Hair 1

Blowout Haircut for Guys with Curly Hair 2

Blowout Haircut for Guys with Curly Hair 3

It may seem that men think of their beauty less than women do. Well, there were the times when this was true, but everything changes, and today guys care of their appearance. Whatever some people say, this is an undoubtedly good, positive trend. More importantly, women like it as well! The meaning of the phrase “blowout haircut” is very broad, and that is probably the best thing about such hairstyles. They suit literally everyone, and the trick is to choose the shape that suits you most. Guys with curly hair also love these styles because the stubborn waves look especially great when styled properly.

Moreover, they are easy in maintenance, as the only thing you should really take care of is fixing your crown up with a hairdryer and some pomade. The tapered sides are your barber’s responsibility and the beard…just let it grow. Guys who love to clean-shaved looks should not refuse from this hairstyle as well: it looks as gorgeous with beard or mustaches as without them!

Cool Blowout Taper Cut

Cool Blowout Taper Cut 1

Cool Blowout Taper Cut 2

Cool Blowout Taper Cut 3

Cool Blowout Taper Cut 4

Blowout taper cuts are probably some of the best hairstyles for thick hair. Usually, the length of hair is around 3 inches long, but this does not mean you cannot go shorter or longer. Shorter hair on sides also known as the fade is a cool detail that can make your hair look even thicker and add some volume. There are no rules or standards when it comes to how gradual you want it to be. Some men do not dye their hair considering this to be a typical trick only women use. Well, bad for them. If you look better with other hair color or cool highlights, you should definitely think of asking your barber to change your look. Choose your perfect shade and experiment! If you still have doubts, take a look at the photos in our collection. Maybe they will make you feel more confident and inspired!

Short Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men

Short Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 1

Short Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 2

Short Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men 3

Short blowouts are more of a buzz cut, but still can be considered as blowouts, since the hair is tapered exactly like the classic version of this haircut requires. Probably, the greatest advantage of such short cuts is that they don’t require any maintenance at all. All you need to do in the morning is to push your hair upwards with a bit of hair pomade, that’s it!

Still, short haircuts do not always mean that the length of hair is as short as possible. Some men prefer to wear a little bit longer hairstyles. Their decision is easy to understand: such length provides them with more ways of styling. Such hairstyles look especially creative when paired with eye-catching accessories, hats, sunglasses, etc. That is why this version is this popular among the young men who want to highlight their features and express their individuality.

Afro Blowout Styles

Afro Blowout Styles 1

Afro Blowout Styles 2

Afro Blowout Styles 3

Afro Blowout Styles 4

Black guys usually have awesome, voluminous hair. You should always keep in mind that you can take advantage of your Afro texture which enables to get any, even the most bizarre shapes. You have no reason to worry that such high blowout can be spoilt, it’s just impossible. And again, the fade can be a cool detail that will fresh up your whole look. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can turn your casual blowout into eye-catching Mohawk. Just ask your barber to make the fade shorter, and voila – the stunning, attention-grabbing look is ready! You can also make your curly blowout fresh using the color game. Play safe and cover only the tips with dye, to get an effect of light, airy sputtering.

Blowout Haircut for Men with Straight Hair

Blowout Haircut for Men with Straight Hair 1

Blowout Haircut for Men with Straight Hair 2

Blowout Haircut for Men with Straight Hair 3

Blowout Haircut for Men with Straight Hair 4

Modern blowout haircuts often mix with other popular styles and create new fresh and hot images. Moreover, you do not have to have really thick hair to wear such a hairstyle. In fact, some versions of a blowout hairstyle are perfect for the guys whose natural hair is quite thin.

In general, short sides long top hairstyles are meant to demonstrate the thick hair beauty. You can create a fabulous texture or make some layers, and that will make your hair look more voluminous. Besides, what about the messy crown with hundreds of spikes and designer beard? Undoubtedly, classic Brooklyn blowout is awesome, but why not try something new and creative? Do not be afraid of experiments, after all, they are the reason why we get a lot of new cool trends every single year! Maybe you are the future trendsetter we all need!

Stylish High Blowout Haircut

Stylish High Blowout Haircut 1

Stylish High Blowout Haircut 2

Stylish High Blowout Haircut 3

Stylish High Blowout Haircut 4

Blowout, in part, became this popular due to Pauly D who wore a classic version of this hairstyle proudly. Though this classic shape is still trendy, there are a lot of modern adaptations and versions of the blowout haircut that does not seem to lose its popularity. Although in the most cases the length of hair is medium, there are also awesome long blowout hairstyles men adore. Of course, you should know how to style them, because otherwise, hair will look messy. Keep in mind that there are no age restrictions when it comes to iconic men’s hairstyles, and blowout belongs to this category. Boys, as well as older men, can choose any of the versions to show their best features and express individuality!