Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is a kind of buzz cut that just won’t quit. Well, if you want a more detailed description, the classic Caesar cut refers to a blunt fringe that  slightly covers the top of the forehead and short hair (sometimes no hair) on the sides. It was very popular among Western men in the 90’s and is back in style nowadays again. If you wonder what the Caesar cut was like in the 1990’s, search for George Clooney hairstyle back at the that time. We meant his hairstyle with a short, straight cut fringe.

The Caesar hairstyle got its name after a Roman politician and military leader Julius Caesar, who fixed his hair in such a manner. This cut is perfect for both straight and wavy hair, thought the chances are very curly won’t look the way you want it to with a Caesar hairstyle. By the way, it’s a good choice for balding men who want to hide their early-onset baldness and look fresh and young.

Well, the best part is waiting for you below:

Cool Ideas of Caesar Fade

Cool Ideas of Caesar Fade 1

Cool Ideas of Caesar Fade 2

Cool Ideas of Caesar Fade 3
To start with, the Caesar haircut doesn’t require long hair, but at the same time has a nice texture at the top. In case you choose a bald fade at the sides and back, which makes any cut go with the times, you’ll get a really good-looking male hairstyle.

Another advantage of Caesar hair is that there won’t be any problems with everyday care, fixing up, styling, etc. Such men’s cuts as Caesar are a good choice for sportsmen. Why? Well, because it’s very comfortable and the hair doesn’t bother during any physical activity.

The last variant of the Caesar Hairstyle here is perfect for those who want long hair on the top and minimum hair on the sides and back.

Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas

Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas 1

Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas 2

Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas 3

Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas 4
As far as the Caesar fringe, it always combines well with faded sides. Especially if it is fixed up so that it resembles  Mohawk or Quiff haircuts, but still is a variety of the Caesar hairstyle. Better check the first picture out to get the idea.

This “From zero to hero” collage demonstrates how incredibly even the most ordinary cut can change the whole image. Here is the Caesar with the same length hair on top and on the sides and back of the head.

To get the stylish version of the Caesar with spiky top, your barber should maintain the length of your top and chop some texture into it while the bald fade is needed on the sides and back.

“Party at the back, business at the front,” this is how a mullet called sometimes. Well, this phrase speaks for itself.  Why not try something new, experiment with shapes. This simple and clean Caesar is ideally combined with Mullet hairstyle behind. Sharp freestyle lines on the sides fulfill the image.

Timeless Roman Haircut – The Caesar

Timeless Roman Haircut - The Caesar 1

Timeless Roman Haircut - The Caesar 2

Timeless Roman Haircut - The Caesar 3

We thought it would be nice to show you an example of wavy Caesar cut. Just look at how wonderful the texture is! Those waves are incredible. In combination with low bald fade and beard with mustache, this Caesar hairstyle becomes so unusual and attractive, doesn’t it?

Speaking of the second picture, we’d like to point out that it isn’t a typical Caesar with a short, horizontally straight cut fringe. The fringe line is slightly rounded so that the hairstyle looks softer.

And, of course, you hair color doesn’t matter when it comes to the Caesar haircut since it perfectly suits light and dark-haired men.

Short Light Caesar Cut

Short Light Caesar Cut 1

Short Light Caesar Cut 2

Short Light Caesar Cut 3

Just so you know, there are quite a few extremely short Caesar haircuts you can go for. Moreover, you can refresh them with the help of a freestyle design shaved on the sides or messy texture.

The tapered Caesar with a mini hawk on top is exactly what we can a fresh and hot idea for a male hairstyle. Not only is it attractive, but also very comfortable to wear.

Light Caesar is your win-win option, to be honest. Though you have to be careful when it comes to the face shape.

Dark Caesar Haircut Styles for Black Men

Dark Caesar Haircut Styles for Black men 1

Dark Caesar Haircut Styles for Black men 2

Dark Caesar Haircut Styles for Black men 3
Is there any chance we could ignore how cool the Caesar haircut suits black men? Sure, there isn’t. Thanks to the thickness of African hair type, the hairstyle holds its shape and so the overall look is incredibly neat. For Afro hair, a Caesar buzz cut is more than just appropriate, it a must-have. 360 top waves + faded temples and beard + sharp lineup = flawless dark Caesar.

Clean Caesar with Beard

Clean Caesar with Beard 1

Clean Caesar with Beard 2

Clean Caesar with Beard 3

Ordinary short Caesar cut can be rocked by means of beards and moustaches. Play with different shapes and sizes and find your own image. Here are some hints for your inspiration.

Almost any high fade Caesar cut can be ideally underlined with a thick solid beard. It gives an impression of contrasting parallel lines that change alternately. What is more, the hair outlines look as though someone took a ruler and a pencil and drew the lines instead of using a trimmer.

Stylish Julius Caesar Haircut for Young Men

Stylish Julius Caesar Haircut for Young Men 1

Stylish Julius Caesar Haircut for Young Men 2

Stylish Julius Caesar Haircut for Young Men 3
What do you think about a mid fade Caesar with curly top for your fashionable young guy? Perhaps, you want to have something even more stylish? No problem, we have a few great hair designs which any kid would love to wear.

The point is the Caesar cut with low fade and long hair on the top isn’t for grown ups only. Boys can wear those, too. By the way, modern barbers even can make a fake beard for your “extremely adult” boy.

Besides, who would refuse getting a high fade Caesar with a pretty thick textured top section that is brought to the front and formed into a chunky fringe?

Trendy Men’s Caesar Cut Hairstyle

Trendy Men's Caesar Cut Hairstyle 1

Trendy Men's Caesar Cut Hairstyle 2

Trendy Men's Caesar Cut Hairstyle 3
A Caesar hairstyle shows the outlines of the haircut on black hair better than on blonde hair. So if you are dark-haired guy, even an extremely short cut will look good.

A messy Caesar cut – still a cool Caesar hairstyle. It breaks the rule of horizontally straight cut fringe, but opens lots of space for your creativity.

If your hair is straight or wavy, if you’re looking for some haircut that is completely different from many other styles which you may find today, the Caesar hairstyle is something you should definitely try. The question is, “Are you bold enough to try it?”