Trendy Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women in 2022

A hairstyle for African American women is a means of communication and an indispensable part of their culture.

African women have a coarse, porous, and unruly hair texture. This circumstance and the hot climate determined the originality and variety of hairstyles that developed and evolved.

Today, women do not hide their manes anymore, they’ve decided to embrace their natural hair texture and proudly emphasize their natural beauty.

There are a plethora of various haircuts for natural hair. Oftentimes, women choose tight curls, finger coils, Afro bobs with shaved sides and teeny weeny Afro hairstyles with a natural undercut that can be pretty diverse and stylish.

However, more and more women opt for short natural hairstyles for black women that are very easy to care for and look bold.

In this article, we will share with you excellent hairstyle ideas so that any woman will feel bold and look great at any time.

Variety of Afro Hawks: Ideal Short Natural Haircuts for Any Occasion

A Mohawk hairstyle for black women is one of the unique categories, which impresses with its extraordinary.

Those black women who prefer short hairstyles will love this very stylish and dazzling look.

Long at the Top, Short at Sides

Variety of Afro Hawks for Any Occasion0
These kinky curls with caramel highlights will definitely draw attention of any woman as they don’t require much styling to be flattering.

Natural Tapered Pixie

Variety of Afro Hawks for Any Occasion1

Natural coiled hair is a win-win option for women who want to tame their strands and don’t want to wear their curls loose.

Short and Natural Undercut with Longer Hair On Top

Variety of Afro Hawks for Any Occasion2
Women with very short hair will love this tapered hairstyle as it is flattering, easy to maintain, and fits almost every face shape.

Elegant Updo with Side Cornrows

Variety of Afro Hawks for Any Occasion3

Extra Short Natural Hairstyles to Look Fabulous and Feminine

Extra short and naturally curly hair will allow you to take a fresh look at the hair care, styling, and infinite expenditure of effort on all this.

You are free to enjoy all the comfort and freedom of this popular short natural haircut.

No need to think about straightening curls, braiding hair, or grueling procedures to care for your long, unruly locks.

All you need is to enjoy this very short natural hairstyle that always looks great on African American hair.

“Teeny Weeny Afro” for Natural Locks

Extra Short Feminine Natural Style0
This is one of the haircuts for black women who want to embrace the genuine texture of their ethnic hair.

These flat twists look absolutely gorgeous and are beautifully combined with a festive look and everyday outfit.

Tapered Soft Short Waves

Extra Short Feminine Natural Style1
Short curls are always a great idea for women with a curly and dense hair type.
To get defined curls, just use natural oils or a leave in conditioner.

Beautiful Tapered HaircutExtra Short Feminine Natural Style2

Cute Natural Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Black Women Pixie0
A pixie haircut is a unique ‘do for short natural hair, which allows a woman to look chic, astounding, and incomparably, despite the short-length hairstyles.

Women with a short natural pixie cut will not spend hours and hours on hairstyling.

Perfect Short HaircutBlack Women Pixie1

Pixie haircut is a unique short hair, which allows a woman to look chic, astounding and incomparably, in spite of the short length hairstyles.

Women with a short natural pixie cut will not spend hours and hours on hair styling.

Textured Pixie Cut With Side Bangs For African American Women

Textured Pixie Cut with Side Bangs0

Eye Popping Short Black CurlsTextured Pixie Cut with Side Bangs1

Easy Short Natural CurlsTextured Pixie Cut with Side Bangs2

Not every woman can decide to radically change her hairstyle to a short haircut. But as you can see, the women who went to such a move still look feminine and sexy.

Elegant Short Wavy Hairstyles For Black Hair

Short Haircut for Bold Women

Elegant Smooth Up Wavy Down Hairdo0
You can turn natural curls into delicate, glossy waves that will emphasize your facial features.

Use a curling iron and a texturizing spray to look like a queen every day.

Short Layered Natural Bob

Elegant Smooth Up Wavy Down Hairdo1
Short hairstyles are great for thin hair as they make it look denser and fuller.

Go for a graduated or shag bob to add the necessary volume and texture to your locks.

Cute Natural Style

Elegant Smooth Up Wavy Down Hairdo2

This hairstyle idea for short black hair is the best idea not only for everyday wear and for various events.

This hairstyle will definitely emphasize your skin tone and show your facial features only from the best side.

Cute Natural Curly Mane

Cute Natural Mane0

Tapered Buzzed Curls with Hard Part

Cute Natural Mane1
Curly natural hair emphasizes the true nature of a black woman showing her rebellious character.

Many celebrities proudly wear their huge stacks of short curly hair, explaining that they are the style of their life.

One of the best advantages of natural curls is that they can hang around in any direction, and they will still look amazing.

Straight Medium-length Bob For Black Women

Straight MediumLength Bob0

Super Stylish Short Hair Idea

Straight MediumLength Bob1

A smooth long A-line bob hairstyle gives black girls incredible elegance and femininity.

So if you are willing to spend enough time to straighten your hair and get the hairstyle you want, then everything is in your hands.

Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles For African American Women

Glam Short Hairstyle

Gorgeous Volume Long Afro Bob0

Glossy lobs with side-swept bangs are one of the most popular haircuts for black women as they look dazzling and suit almost all face shapes.

Short Cut for Natural Hair

Gorgeous Volume Long Afro Bob1
A long bob is one of the most popular styles in Hollywood because it’s incredibly versatile and appropriate in any case.

Side swept bangs look amazing and will help visually elongate round faces.

Twists & Curls With Shaved Temples On Natural Hair

Finger Coil Out Fauxhawk

Twists Curls with Shaved Temples0

Edgy Curly Faux Hawk Coils

Twists Curls with Shaved Temples1

Springy Short Cut for Kinky Hair

Twists Curls with Shaved Temples2

Women often want to change something, and most of these changes relate to their appearance: hair color changes, opting for textured curls or shaved lines, as well as trying out finger waves.

The best option to stand out and express your personality is to wear a tapered cut with shaved sides.

With short natural hair, you will look incredibly cool.

Ideas of Straight Hairstyles For Black Women: Leave Unruly Curls Behind

Low Maintenance Cut for a Round Face

Ideally Straight Strands from Unruly Curls0

Those women who don’t like twist out hairstyles can straighten their hair and get a smooth hairstyle.

To make a ‘do always look elegant, it must be updated regularly.

Eye Catching Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Ideally Straight Strands from Unruly Curls1
Leave unruly twist outs behind with this dope ‘do. With these glossy locks, you’ll be feeling bold and looking great.

Tapered Cut for Black Girls

Ideally Straight Strands from Unruly Curls2

Short Natural Tapered Cut with a Side Part

Ideally Straight Strands from Unruly Curls3
This classic bob with bangs will certainly accentuate your beautiful features.

With this haircut, you will look elegant and gorgeous.

This super easy short natural hairstyle will give your hair the desired gloss, smoothness, and volume.

Best Black Braided Hairstyles: From Cornrows to Kinky Twists

Short Cut + Trendsetting Twists

Cornrows Coming into Fabulous Twisted Braided Arrangements0
With these cornrows and multiple top knots, you will definitely be one of a kind.

Thin Swoopy Braids

Cornrows Coming into Fabulous Twisted Braided Arrangements1
Cute braids with colorful accents are definitely a win-win option for little girls.

This hairstyle will always look festive, and it doesn’t require much styling effort.

Afro Puff with Simple Twists

Cornrows Coming into Fabulous Twisted Braided Arrangements2
Cornrows in a combination with a braided knot look neat on little ladies.

Flat Twists for Thick Hair

Cornrows Coming into Fabulous Twisted Braided Arrangements3

Braids are an extraordinary hairstyle for black females that will help you look amazing, fashionable, and elegant, without putting spending much effort and time on styling.

Spend enough time to braid this short hairstyle once and enjoy the incredible short hairdo for a month or even more.

Shaved Sideline to Refresh Short Black Hairstyles

Textured Natural Coils with a Shaved Line

Shaved Sideline to Refresh a Short Afro Style0
Women with a rebellious spirit have multiple options to express their personalities. One of the ways is to wear a big chop with a shaved side design.

Very Short Undercut with Shaved Designs

Shaved Sideline to Refresh a Short Afro Style1

A short haircut with an undercut and a shaved design is always a win-win option for those who are looking for a simple yet fancy hairstyle.

Neat Haircut with a Shaved Design

Shaved Sideline to Refresh a Short Afro Style2

This is an extraordinary ‘do for women who are not afraid to express themselves.

Let your curls fall freely on one side and choose a beautiful design on the other side.

This combination is unusual and will surely attract the attention of others.